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Dawn Breaks in Oslo: A Reflection on the Resilient Women of History

Woman's silhouette against Oslo's cold sunrise, holding a book on historical women's achievements.
Kaia Thonul, Tuesday, April 30, 2024, 09:53

As the pallid hues of dawn break across the Oslo sky, I join the throng of drowsy commuters meandering towards the train station. Gray swaddles the world, paintbrush streaks of cloud dappled over a raw canvas of reality. The arctic air, an icy tentacle at 5°C, seizes any warmth with ruthless, greedy tendrils. From within my cocoon of frosted breath I sit, and begin to type at keys that feel as frigid as the ambivalence of history toward the impact of women.

The harsh grating of wheels against rusted track is the somber symphony to this early morning, a stark reminder of the hardships so many inspirational women in history have faced. The charred embers of the news report I most recently devoured, sizzle still in my core - a sour stench of suspicion and tension, a somber reminder that whilst we fight for equality, freedom is not yet free.

Women of history have shattered glass ceilings, their contributions like shards of light gleaming bright through the murk of societal judgement. It is not their names that matter but their consistent resilience, the strength found in the adversity they faced, or their unwillingness to succumb to the overwhelming burdens of their eras. They rode the waves of change, charted course in unknown territories, played roles in the theater of revolutions - a testament to resilience; a beacon of hope.

They had ideas that rivaled those of men, accomplishments that pushed boundaries and, most importantly, they had voices that echoed throughout history despite contemptuous efforts to silence them. Yet, society's perception of these women’s achievements tend to be suspended in monochrome, a morose lament to what should be vibrant tales of victory.

No, they weren't all saints, much like men weren’t all savants. They were human, they erred and persevered, they fell and rose, they fought and fumbled. And still, they continue to shape, mold, and influence the society we live in today. They did so, not for glory or recognition but because they believed they could, and so they did.

As the train trundles into Oslo, I look out of the window to the awakening city, shrouded in the muted hues of the dawn’s daylight. My thoughts trace back to that chilling news report, the prevailing inequality, and the walls yet to be broken.

Nevertheless, these inspirational women of history remind us not to despair. They instill in us the courage to face adversity. They encourage us to continue raising our voices, making our choices and leaving our footprints on the sands of time, just as they did. Ensuring their struggles were not in vain, we move forward, making strides infused with their memories, their inspiration. Finally, they remind us to hope, for another dawn will break, and another day will come. And with it, maybe, just maybe, a brighter future for us all.

The train grinds to a halt, the doors fold open. I hoist my bag over my shoulder, my resolve settled like the frost on the city streets outside. Today, in my own little way, I too will strive to make a difference. The women of history echo in my thoughts, whispering tales of fortitude and resilience, a soft glow in the gray light of a Norwegian morning. This is their legacy, our inheritance. An inheritance we will carry with us, always. It must be done, and so, it will be done. Tomorrow awaits.

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