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Stationery Essentials: The Must-Haves for Every College Student's Toolkit

A desktop topped with colourful pens, highlighters, stylish notebooks, and a sturdy binder.
Kaia Thonul, Thursday, April 11, 2024, 09:03

Good Morning from a rolling train car, bathed in the soft hues of dawn, somewhere between home and Oslo. Outside, a cool 6°C morning unfolds, its serenity unbroken. I'm blessed to find my mind clear and my spirit satisfied, just the perfect mood to pen down today's blog post. As I leaf through the morning's news, a particular article grabs my attention - a wind turbine incident, in a place close to my heart, Nord-Odal. While it didn't cause any injuries, it sure sparked an undercurrent of thoughts about the structures we build around us, their resilience, and their fault lines.

However, these thoughts will be explored another time, for today I turn my attention toward the must-haves of a college student's life---the essential stationery items. As my fellow students are aware, the allure of fresh stationery is irresistible. Perhaps it's the promise of a clean slate, a new beginning, or perhaps it's just the simple pleasure of owning well-made tools that help you create, learn, and brainstorm.

At the heart of every student's stationery kit lies the notebook. Whether you prefer the no-frills budget variant, an artistically ambitious one, or a classy leather-bound diary, find one that suits your style, and makes you fall in love with note-taking. Keeping your thoughts organized or brainstorming essay ideas becomes so much more enticing when put to paper.

A close second in the hierarchy comes pens. The humble pen, often underrated, can be the silent force driving your successful academic journey. Invest in some good quality ones that won't smudge, leak, or run dry when you least expect them to. Having a few different colors on hand can aid in color-coding your notes, making it easier to recall information.

Thirdly, highlighters. As a student, nothing screams essential louder than a set of highlighters. From color-coding study materials to systematically highlighting key points, these luminescent pens play a crucial role in any study session.

Lastly, don’t overlook the importance of a sturdy folder or binder. We all face a rush of handouts, essays and assignments through university life. A solid organizational system to keep these under control can save a lot of headaches in the long run. Believe me, leafing through piles of disorganized papers while preparing for an exam is a scenario you want to avoid.

Pausing momentarily, I lift my gaze from my laptop screen and glance out of the train window - the world is a blur of frost-covered fields, interspersed with rock and water. It’s calming, this predictable rhythm of movement and progress. Curiously, the satisfaction of equipping oneself with the right tools, such as stationary, shares the same sentiment. It reinforces the notion that, in this constantly shifting academic landscape, some things remain reassuringly constant.

As my train ride jostles me back into reality, I close my notes on this note: While stationery seems rather trivial when we think about the grand spectrum of university life, it is these small details that most often make the journey smoother. Capping my warm mug of tea, I sign off for now, looking forward to another day of academia, another day of stories, another day of living.

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