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Embracing Uncertainty: A Runner's Journey Beyond Fitness Through the Landscapes of Life

Neon-colored running shoes on a gym floor, with forest, coast, cityscape, and military camp images in background.
Kaia Thonul, Wednesday, April 10, 2024, 09:00

As I hop onto the warm, inviting train conveyance from the nippy 8°C outside, my heart beats in tandem with the rhythm of my favourite workout routine - running. Ah, the pure bliss of movement! Here I am, brimming with an insurmountable level of excitement just thinking about it.

Running isn't merely a form of physical exercise; it's an invigorating escape from the world's hustle-bustle, a haven where my mind dabbles in creative juices. When the wind plays with your hair, the ground becomes your drumroll, and each heavy breath unveils a different story - it's another universe altogether. From pounding on the trails amidst the lush forest, chasing the sunrise by the dazzling coastline, to striding along the familiar city streets under the twinkling night sky – the landscapes are as inspiring and exhilarating as they are diverse.

But, my workout routine isn't confined merely to running. Strength training uptake has been one of my most rewarding decisions. It's about proving to myself that I'm stronger than what I give myself credit for. Lifting weights, doing squats or push-ups, not only fuels me with power, but also seamlessly instills this feeling of invincibility, warming up my insides as fiercely as a mug of hot cocoa on a frosty day.

Switching gears, my eyes flutter across the newspaper I hold in my hands. News about the uncertainty associated with the future of the Drevjamoen military camp in Norway's Defense Long-Term Plan gives me food for thought. How often do we find ourselves in similar situations, unsure of what's next or what direction to take? Right from choosing an academic degree or deciding a career path, to even selecting our preferred workout routine, uncertainties are a part of our lives.

The key is in embracing them, making the best of what we have while continuing to strive for what we love – be it serving our nation, nurturing our careers, or simply challenging our physical boundaries. It's the essence of this very spirit - the spirit of accepting the unknown - that sets us free, that makes us soar, both in life and in the midst of our dedicated workout sessions.

Well, my station is nearing, and the university beckons. But the neon colored running shoes tucked away in my bag are a constant reminder of my commitment to fitness and the incredible journey that lies ahead each day. As I step off the train, ready to start another day at the university, my reflections follow me - sharpening my mind, fueling my passion and sparking my creativity. Life is in motion!

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