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The Art of Skincare and Journalism - A Journey Through Norwegian Winters and the Essence of Individuality

A woman in a grey sweater, applying cream to her face, with a faded fall backdrop.
Kaia Thonul, Thursday, November 23, 2023, 16:34

The somber autumn sky strokes the window with watery hues of grey and white. Through it, the cadaverous landscape outside whips by in a blur, dressed in pallor by the unforgiving 6°C chill. Mother Earth, too, is transitioning into her skincare regime, exfoliating her summer skin to prepare for the frosty kiss of winter. The biting chill of the Norwegian air is a staunch reminder of the importance of skin hydration, much like Solvang's fervent defence, reminding us to cherish uniqueness and individuality rather than succumbing to uniformity.

The train's rhythmic lull sings a melancholy tale of weariness. There's solace in such repetition, a tender echo of a daily skincare regime. The arduous journey down the aisles of cleansers, moisturizers, serums and toners is not unlike these train journeys, marked by their mundane wrestling with time, hope, and resiliency.

Scrubbing away the harsh criticisms of the world is as necessary as sloughing off dead skin cells. A light cleanser, much like a gentle worldview, is a perfect start. Then comes the tranquil poetry of both toners and equilibrium, balancing the skin, restoring the mind. Consistent hydration, akin to constant empathy, keeps the skin plump and mind open. Nourishment, whether by way of serums or good journalism, invigorates the receptive canvas of both skin and society.

Sunscreen, a daily reminder of our place under the cosmic theater's spotlights, is as crucial as remembering our responsibility in protecting the vulnerable skin of truth. It's like an invisible armour, resistant to the scorching heat of criticism.

Wrapping in the cocoon of a night cream before succumbing to darkness is akin to yielding to introspection after a day of battling ignorance; nurturing overnight repair and renewal of conviction, both on our faces and in our hearts.

A skincare regime is not just a routine, it's a ritual –a poignant tribute to self-care and acceptance, much like Solvang's defense of Stromøy. It's an enduring endeavor, marred by occasional bouts of frustration and despair, cheered by the eventual victory of persistence. It's a lonely boat rowing through the sea of mass opinions, steadfast in its path, guided by the compass of individuality.

Just as every skin type requires a unique care plan, every journalist displays a distinct style of reporting. It's easy to forget that behind our protective layer of skin are unique bodies, souls, dreams –and behind every voice projected on media platforms is a human, echoing their individuality, navigating their path through a world of shared uniformity.

To criticize a softer approach in favour of aggressive interviewing is akin to endorsing harsh, abrasive skincare products whilst demoting the gentler ones. Some might find the rigorous approach beneficial, others crave gentleness. Both are valid, all are necessary. Such is the diversity of life.

And so, as another somber evening cascades through the train and my fingertips draw to a close, I wrap my moisturized hands around a tepid cup of coffee and muse upon Solvang's defence, saluting the courage to be different, to be faithful to one's style –in journalism and in skincare alike.

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