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Contraceptives and Powerbanks: Equipping Ourselves for Safe Journeys in Life

A power bank, birth control pills, and a morning newspaper arranged on a table.
Kaia Thonul, Thursday, January 11, 2024, 08:07

Perched in my regular seat on the morning train to Oslo, I wrap my fingers around a hot cup of coffee as the -5°C Norwegian winter bites outside. My mind, however, is lost in different thoughts today. Absorbed in a news article I found about a recent disappearance in Lillestrøm, my heart aches for the woman's family. I feel the pang of their criticism over the authorities' decision not to involve police students in their search for her, a decision that is riddled with what-ifs. Inching close to a similar vein of thoughts, I wonder - what if every decision we make had the power to cause equally significant ripples?

A particular topic comes to mind - no, not the grim aura of disappearances and the despair they bring, but within the finger-snap of regular life decisions. Brace yourselves, today we plunge into the depths of a much-dreaded pregnancy scare.

Before I begin, let me clarify. This is not about blaming, shaming, or aiming fiery barbs at either party involved. It's about acceptance and understanding. It's about ensuring that what happened, doesn't happen again.

Let's get this straight; a pregnancy scare can bring anyone down to their knees. It's a tidal wave of panic, dread, and broken dreams threatening to engulf you, leaving your heart feeling like a fragile shell.

Safe sex - are we practising it? It's not a hushed whisper around corners anymore but a necessary dialogue needed on every table. Regardless of your relationship status, discussions about contraception should not feel uncomfortable but encouraged for its protective shield.

Let's think contraceptives as powerbanks, shall we? Just as my trusty powerbank accompanies me on every life webbed journey, ensuring my phone doesn’t conk off while I draft my thoughts amidst these moving landscapes, contraceptives ensure that our bliss in the moment doesn’t translate into weeks of agony later. It offers protection when you need it the most, and if utilized appropriately, shields you from many an undesired detour.

Contraceptives range from condoms to IUDs to birth control pills, and just like picking the right powerbank for our needs, it's important to choose the right contraceptive. They are a lifesaver, quite literally. I can't stress this enough!

Just as we avoid a dying phone battery with the help of a powerbank, let's avoid putting ourselves through the tumultuous waters of a pregnancy scare. Equip yourselves with the knowledge, allow these difficult conversations, and make informed decisions.

Today, the chill gripping the air around me seems to echo the frigid fear that a pregnancy scare can instill. But just as I trust my train to always bring me safely to my destination, I hope we can all learn to navigate these waters safely as well.

Try to remember, preparation doesn’t only mitigate a heartbreak — it also paves the way to better understanding and heightened respect towards our bodies. As I wrap up today’s blog post, my heart feels heavy yet hopeful. Here’s to safe practices, more conversations, and fewer scares.

Power on and keep warm, friends.

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Shaped by Choices: The Power of Safe Sex and the Courage of Autonomy

Close-up photo of a doctor counsellor handing multicolored condoms to a young couple.
Kaia Thonul, Thursday, November 2, 2023, 15:34

Tapping the keys of my laptop as the train trudges onwards from Oslo, I feel the brisk cold of the 1°C weather nestling against the windows. Today, I am inspired - or should I say nudged - by a news article I read detailing a head-on collision that took place in Holmestrand. A gripping reminder of how fragile life can be, and how much our safety is, at times, left to chance.

But when it comes to certain life choices, aren't we better off seizing control rather than leaving it to fate? Which brings me to my subject of the day: pregnancy scares and the vital importance of practicing safe sex.

Like a stray hair wrapped around your finger on a windy day, the fear of an unexpected pregnancy can sneak upon you, wholly unasked for. It brings with it a whirlwind of emotion - surprise, distress, confusion, and a relentless tick-tock-clock reminding us of how life, this grand, expansive adventure, can be transformed in a split second.

Yet, what often rounds the bend after the initial scare is a sobering reflection on the immeasurable power we have over our destinies... through simple rubber contraptions, pills, and informed choices. So, in this lively discourse, let's bare the truth. Those prophylactics aren't mere moist blankets on the throes of passion. They're life rafts, guardians - knights in latex armour, staving off distressing scares and terrible diseases.

Safe sex, dear reader, is truly empowering. It lets you take the reins of your life, warding off unwanted consequences. A contraceptive pill swallowed, a condom used, a timely visit to the doctor for an STD check… they’re all the quiet, everyday reinventions of self-care. Flicking the finger not just on pregnancy scares, but also on dismissive partners or societal taboos.

And so, as the chilly day gives way to a darker night and the train barrels onward through the Norwegian winter, the thought lingers: Our acts, as simple as they seem, bear consequences. We hold immense power in our hands. Whether it's maneuvering a car on a slippery road or navigating the intricate dance of intimacy, our decisions build the road before us.

So, I urge you, dear reader, to take a wheel of your safety, in all aspects of life, be it on road or in bed. Dismiss not the whispers of precaution, for they echo the voices of wisdom.

As I round off today’s post, I can’t help but send out thoughts filled with strength to those involved in the accident today. Life can be daunting, unpredictable. But perhaps, we can learn from such events and strive to always take the safer turn, the most responsible step. One that leads us to wonderful destinations, minus a detour through a scare.

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