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Staying Positive Amidst Chaos: A Journey through the Overcast Hues of Oslo and Life's Challenges

A gloomy Oslo skyline, woman reading newspaper, visibly pensive, with a resilient sapling in foreground.
Kaia Thonul, Friday, June 21, 2024, 08:06

As the train hums beneath me, gliding relentlessly toward the heart of Oslo, my fingers pause above the keys of my laptop. Outside, the world is smeared with watery gray hues, a fitting reflection of the 13°C temperature. The relentless drizzle against the train window mimics my current state of mind – morose, melancholy. As always, the day starts with a review of global happenings, this time throwing light on the perilous circumstances brewing several thousands of miles away.

Reading an article about Russia and South Korea in a Norwegian newspaper prompts a heavy sigh. It puts into perspective how quickly situations escalate and conflicts begin, rendering our lives into a tumble of complexities. Yet there they are, the tricky situations that beg a thousand questions penetrating the fog of melancholy that seems to descend with the morning mist.

However, every circumstance, irrespective of its intensity, awards an opportunity to rise above. It's an arduous task to maintain positivity when the world you see outside your window, both literal and figurative, lacks color. But isn't it exactly during these very shades of gray that the most vivid colors of human spirit shine?

Staying positive in grim situations is less about erecting a façade of constant happiness, and more about holding a steadfast belief in the power of resilience and evolution. It's reorientating your understanding from seeing darkness as destructive to acknowledging it as a canvas for creation. This isn't about dismissing grief or pain. They're raw and real, rendering the world into an impressionistic painting of sorrow. But, allowing this painful reality to coexist with the prospects of hope, that's the challenge.

Remembering to breathe is essential. The world will continue its unwavering pace, and we can choose to be swept in its torrent or anchor ourselves momentarily, breathe deep, and take it one step at a time. Breaking down the problem, understanding its components, it empowers us. It doesn't make the problem less potent, but it does make us stronger, the situation less overwhelming.

Next, seek aid in empathy. Isolation is a byproduct of crisis. Reach out. Share stories. Welcome shared experiences. Even if people can't mend your situation, just knowing that someone understands, that someone cares, can go a long way in restoring positivity and strength.

Lastly, remember your resilience. Difficult times are stark reminders of past hurdles that have been cleared and battles that have been won. Harnessing memories of prior resilience can act as a salve during present hardship.

Life, with all its twists and turns, is a mirror reflecting back at us our capacity to evolve, adapt, and persevere. And as I close my laptop, the frigid winds outside carrying the faint taste of sea salt and spruce, I'm reminded that even amidst the most brooding landscapes, positivity can, and does, survive. The faucet of bad news might continue running, wars might continue to rage on, but we, as individuals, can still find ways to stay positive amidst the chaos. Because without hope, what is there to fight for? Now, as the Oslo skyline springs into view, it's back to the university. Back to the place where I can at least try to make a difference, in my own little way.

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