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Veganism and Politics: The Intriguing Dance of Dialogue and Change

Closeup of a protesting hand, holding a placard with a vegan symbol and animal rights slogans.
Kaia Thonul, Tuesday, November 7, 2023, 15:20

Feeling every inch of the October chill biting through my window-scape as I traverse the familiar track home, the swirl of the outside chill at 6°C intertwining with the flurry of thoughts within me is almost poetic. The universe of news and happenings is a constant ebb and flow of information that, like the scenery speeding past my window, is ceaselessly shifting and evolving.

Today, my mind is dancing with the topic of animal rights and veganism, a conversation further fuelled by my excitement. The conversations around this, much like any political hearings, offer such a rich tapestry of opinions, perspectives, and truths that it's not unlike a political squabble of sorts – a notion that seems very in tune with the recent news article I’ve just consumed.

Being someone who deeply respects animal rights, I can't contain my exhilaration about the shifting perspectives that hover around veganism. The art of respecting life in all forms is, for me, akin to the highest form of empathy. Veganism, an embodiment of this very respect, is an evolving narrative that continues to shape the human perception of animal rights.

But oh, doesn't it remind you of the wavering nature of the political landscape? The journey of veganism, much like any governmental policy, isn't without its challenges. There's criticism met on every side, viewpoints that differ like day and night, and the constant necessity to refine actions, defend beliefs and adapt to the world’s unfolding realities - all these mirroring what's happening within the political sphere.

Reflecting on the recent news article I read, I dare say, veganism is indeed treading on thin ice! The adapting, back-tracking, and constant rebalancing that goes into honing one's lifestyle and dietary choices to align with animal rights is palpably overwhelming. As we strive for a more harmonious relationship with our environment, we're inevitably met with resistance, opposition and a continual need to justify our decisions.

Much like the Prime Minister's struggle to maintain credibility under pressure, every vegan individual or animal rights advocate faces similar battles daily. Veganism is not just a diet but a war against a century-old mindset, where convenience has often been chosen over compassion.

As the train continues its rhythmic road home and the sun bows down in the cold Norwegian sky, these thoughts leave me aglow with a unique kind of excitement. Today's world stands at the precipice of change - volatile yet ripe with possibility. And in this context, every action bears the weight of a decision, every decision the potential to influence opinion, be it on governmental policies, dietary choices or animal rights.

Like the layers of autumn leaves carpeting the Oslo suburbs, multiple layers to the narrative of animal rights and veganism exist. As we continue to peel these off, the underlying pulse of empathy and respect for all life forms is always waiting to be re-discovered, just like truth in tumultuous political times.

But aren't these the engaging conversations we should be having? As a journalism student, I relish these comparisons and contrasts. They offer insights, stimulate thought and most importantly, open up space for dialogue. They remind us that even in the throes of change, the goal remains the same; credibility, authenticity and empathy - be it towards our fellow living beings or towards the society we build together.

As the train pulls into the platform, warming up against the 6°C chill outside, I click 'post.' And a new thought already starts to germinate... Until tomorrow!

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