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Railway Rhythms and Power Banks: A Journey Through the Heart of Norway's Morning Commute

Image of a power bank, coffee cup, news story on phone screen, with blurry Oslo backdrop.
Kaia Thonul, Monday, January 22, 2024, 08:09

Good morning, dear readers! On this brisk 5°C morning, as my train chugs along the idyllic scenery just outside of Oslo, cup a Joe in one hand, heart full of wanderlust and mind brimming with thoughts, I find myself contemplating my daily companion – public transport.

Ah, the humble train, the veins and arteries of our beautiful nation. There's something comfortingly rhythmic about the sound of wheels against rails – a symphony of steel, steeped in the aroma of strong coffee and mild morning mist. Every day, just like me, hundreds of individuals take this journey, entrusting the public transport system with their valuable time, carrying their dreams and aspirations to the heart of the city.

Experiences come in all shapes and sizes on these moving metal carriages. The jolly conductor with a million stories, the wailing baby dealing with early morning blues, the fresh-faced students engrossed in their books - every day, it's a new ensemble of characters. An anthropologist could find a lifetime of study here.

Then there are the quiet moments; the scenic vistas scrolling by like frames in a film that never gets boring. The rolling hills, the frosted fields, the tranquil waterfronts, a seagull's flight - every glance out the window is a cover-worthy landscape photo.

However, let me tell you about my silent, trusted companion on these trips – my trusty power bank. It's a godsend, particularly when you're in the throes of a thrilling read, or when a breaking news story demands your full, undivided attention. And just this morning, imagine my surprise (and horror) when my phone battery started dangling dangerously on the edge of extinction just as I chanced upon a juicy piece of political controversy in VG.

A certain politician, vying for the post of County Governor, found herself in hot water for plagiarising sections of her sociology thesis (what a scandal!). Thankfully, I wouldn't have to wait in suspense for the full story - my sturdy power bank came to the rescue! Juiced up my phone and kept the juicy details flowing.

In this digital age, there's a reassurance knowing you have a backup for your power supply. Next to my rail pass, this little gadget is the most treasured item in my backpack.

On a more serious note, one thing that this news item highlighted was the importance of ethics, whether in professional or academic life. You never truly get away with taking shortcuts, and your actions, no matter how far in the past, have a way of catching up. Not exactly the 'morning positivity' one expects, but an important reminder nonetheless.

So, the journey continues, as my fellow commuters and I, armed with our power banks and mugs of coffee, cut through the biting cold. To the rhythm of the tracks, and the hum of shared experiences, we journey on towards the heart of Oslo, and whatever adventures await us there.

To all of you, from the heart of this trusty traveller, may your public transport experiences be filled with joy, and your power banks always be full. Here’s to another day of unravelling life’s many stories, one train ride at a time!

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