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Cruising Through the College Application Process: A Winter Journey Towards New Beginnings

A snowy path leading to a distant city, footprints showing a lone journey, with a resilient tree in the foreground.
Kaia Thonul, Thursday, April 4, 2024, 09:41

Snowflakes gently coat the outside world in soft white, making everything look pristine, almost like a fresh chapter about to begin. Meter by meter, the train steadily inches closer towards Oslo, cutting through the winter wonderland that temporarily cloaks our everyday realities. Despite the coldness of the -1°C temperature outside, a warm optimism bubbles within me as I settle into my journey. Every day on this commute has proved an opportunity to express my thoughts and observations, and today is no different. This morning, I delve into a process we all face at some stage in our lives – applying for college!

It’s a daunting process, isn’t it? Yet, it is also a phase that promises new beginnings. The college application process is akin to stepping onto a new train just like the one I'm commuting on, leading us to a new chapter in life. Even as the frost gently graces the outside world, symbolizing the end of a cycle, spring waits in anticipation, heralding new opportunities.

The application process might seem like a monumental task with each aspect – from choosing a college, deciding a course, filling in the forms, to crossing our fingers as we await the admission decision. But let me assure you, though it can feel overwhelming, it is also an exciting period filled with endless possibilities!

Pondering on this, a recent news article comes to mind. No, it was a heartbreaking tale, yes, but one that made me appreciate the privilege and opportunity we have to gain an education. It offered a different perspective. While we may fret over application forms and essays, worry about missing deadlines, or stress over the potential outcomes, we should embrace this process for what it truly signifies: hope and potential.

Just as each snowflake is unique and beautiful combining to form a beautiful winter landscape, each of us brings something individual and important to the table. This college application process is just a way of telling your story, of setting you apart, of starting your journey to self-discovery and growth.

What a joy it is to have the opportunity for an education, to be able to aspire and manifest success, isn't it? So, let’s embrace this application process, let's conquer it together! Let’s turn any fears into optimism. Because just as sure as spring follows winter, the anticipation of new beginnings and brighter tomorrows always follows the trials of today.

So, my fellow aspiring students, prepare your personal essays, ready your recommendation references, polish those portfolios, and send them on with a hopeful heart. Because this journey is not just about getting into the best college, it’s about understanding who you are and where you want to be. So, even if the journey seems long and daunting, remember, the spring of hope always follows the winter of hardship.

Looking out of the train window, I see the whitened tree boughs, heavy with snow, standing tall and strong against the harshest weather. And just like them, we draw strength from the most challenging times. With hearts full of hope, let's navigate this college application journey. And remember, like the resilient Norwegian spruce, let's stand tall against any challenge that comes our way.

In this world of endless possibility and hope, let's dare to dream!

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