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Riding the Exercise of Power and Joy: Lessons from Female Leaders and a Nobel Laureate During my Norwegian Journey

A woman gazing out a moving train window, clutching a Nobel medal and smiling amid a snowy Oslo backdrop.
Kaia Thonul, Tuesday, November 14, 2023, 07:34

As dawn colours the icy Norwegian landscape, I find myself on my daily commute to Oslo, cocooned within the warmth of the train, despite the 0°C snap outside. Armed with my powerbank at its full potential, I utilize this time to ponder and write, as it has become a routine for me. With the surreal scenery seeping through the window and the rhythmic lull of the train, I am at peace, basking in the simple pleasures life offers on a relentless journey.

The morning light filters through the gentle snow and quietly highlights the news on my phone. Unsurprisingly, it goes about Nobel laureate's declining to partake in parts of the regal Nobel program. The quality of opting for joy, even when the world leans in with a heavy expectation, is prevalent in his thought process. It beckoned me to share some thoughts on another subject that teems with similar grit and vision — female leadership.

Female trailblazers, those who march past the traditional norm of leadership and foster a path that inspires resilience and desire, have become an emblem of strength in my life. These women, they don't just wear their power, they become it. They are the hushed strength, the tempest of change, the resilient spirit, and the dynamic trendsetters of positive shifts. There's solace in observing the dent these choleric women are making in the world.

Interestingly, one paradigm from their book of life that truly resounds with me is their ability to envision success without forfeiting their authenticity and happiness. This mirrors the Nobel laureate's stance on choosing what brings him joy. It's a valuable lesson these stalwarts impart — that leadership isn't just executing power but about creating balance; it's about fostering an amalgamation of personal happiness and collective growth.

Moreover, these women have shifted, revolutions in action, by inculcating inclusivity and diversity, bringing about a broader perspective. It isn't about thriving in a man's world, but crafting a world where leadership isn't gender-biased, where opportunities don't come with preconceived notions.

They also celebrate the power of saying no, much like our Nobel laureate and his decision to prioritize health before fame. It's essential to set boundaries and reinforce them time and again, to choose your well-being over pleasing others, something we often forget in our pursuit of success.

Lastly, a quiet strength exudes from these women, one that empowers their dreams while infusing happiness in others. Just as my powerbank fuels my phone, their potent glow charges the collective morale.

The world needs such leaders, ones who fathom the true essence of power — be it in leadership, decision-making or something as simple yet crucial, like choosing joy. Like the powerbank and its harmonized function of charging and working, these women harmonize power and vulnerability, strength and sensitivity, growth and compassion.

Observing them, I learn, I grow, I aspire. Their stories, metamorphosed into lessons, have become perpetual moments of motivation for me. And as today, I find myself in sync with the lyrics of life these leaders present, and gladly so, for their impact has been nothing short of enlightening.

Till next time, as I remain ever-fueled by my trusty powerbank and continually inspired by the trill of life and its beautiful coincidence, remember — leadership is not gender, it's an attitude. It's about making the right choices, for you and for others. It's not just about power but also discerning when to relinquish it and most importantly, embracing whatever brings you pure, honest joy. On that note, let's power our dreams, one day at a time.

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