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From Oslo Mornings to Powerbanks: Embracing Long-Term Goals Amidst Life's Contradictions

A woman gazing at a snow-covered field holding a power bank while holding a news article in Oslo.
Kaia Thonul, Monday, May 20, 2024, 09:48

Against the frigid 13°C backdrop of an Oslo morn, I find myself by the window of a train, gazing at the landscapes blurring past. A dreary prettiness that's accentuated by the complexities of life's wistful, heartrending symphony. The melancholic lilt playing on a loop in my head reminds me of the managing long-term goals, an idea which I can't seem to shake off.

Planning, discipline, tenacity - all noble acts of a tenacious spirit, stepping stones towards the bliss of achievement. Yet, as I sit here, the artificial gloom of the cabin around me, I perceive it as a tightrope walk, not fodder for 'how I made it large' stories. It's a journey compounded by heartbreaks, setback, and unseemly compromises.

Still, the key to manoeuvring this labyrinth lies in our approach. Goals could be like distant horizons on a helve of foggy uncertainties, or they may be milestones, dotting our life's journey, pushing us gently yet firmly towards fulfilment. Those somber musings on a mechanical beast racing towards the city bring me comfort, the acceptance of my place in the grand scheme.

Goals - long-term ones should be like the powerbanks we carry. Incredibly beneficial, they relieve the troubles of low battery life, providing potential sustenance to our devices. But beyond that, they are reminders of preparation. Their silent support is incredible, sheer power bundled in this amoebic piece of metal. So are our long-term goals, silently powering us, even when the world disconnects.

Yet, today, depression lingers. Each beat of my heart echoes heavy, like the solitary droplets of a persistent drizzle against my window. There’s an exhausting bleakness, a curtain drawn over life’s vibrancies and replaced with blue-gray hues. But every journey has a destination and this emotional trip has its own cure. I simply need to chart its course.

This morning, I happened to chanced upon a Norwegian news article about a helicopter accident involving the Iranian President. The details are peppered with conflicting accounts, a jumbled puzzle missing pieces, not unlike the lexicon of depression - confusing, intricate, and mind-bogglingly contradictory. Yet what's surprising is that we still try to piece together the story. Find the missing piece, make sense of the senseless, walk on the path strewn with uncertainties. Such is life, such are our long-term goals.

As I pen down my thoughts on this train ride to Oslo, I'm reminded that life isn't a collection of smooth transitions. There are roadblocks, detours and obstacles. You might lose yourself in that dense fog of hopelessness. Fear not, for powerbanks exist, and so do maps to guide you back on track.

Let your long-term goals be your personal powerbanks, comforting, empowering, and guiding you toward that faint glimmer at the end of a seemingly never-ending tunnel. For the essence of living isn’t in basking in the frigid clarity of an achieved moment, but in the tussle, the strive, and the restless pursuit of a distant dawn.

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Fueling the Furnace of Inspiration: Musings from a Frosty Train Journey to Oslo

A lone traveler pondering on a frosty train window with the snowy Norwegian landscape blurring by.
Kaia Thonul, Friday, December 1, 2023, 07:03

With winter's icy fingers steadily gripping Norway and the early morning thermometer reading a frosty -7 degrees Celsius, this particular train ride to Oslo feels especially introspective. There's something profoundly invigorating about the crisp, icy air and the pure white snow blanketing the landscape like a freshly penned story awaiting its narrative. Today, witnessing the snowy pageantry unfurl from the comfort of a warm train cabin, I find myself reflecting on a question rippling in the mind of every aspiring journalist and anyone grappling with their ambitions and dreams - how do we stay motivated and inspired no matter the circumstances?

On this train, encapsulated by this frosty wonderland, and armed with a steaming cup of cocoa, inspiration is a domino-effect; sparked off by an exemplary tale in Aftenposten that had me more riveted than the frost on the window panes. The story was about a lady, a once captive turned relentless humanitarian activist. Despite her torment, she boldly confronted adversity and used her trial to inspire her work and become a voice for the oppressed. Truly, motivation is resistant to trials like a flame flickering relentlessly in a storm.

I'm compelled to ask: how can we, ordinary young individuals on an extraordinary journey, cultivate this reservoir of motivation and inspiration? It's an exciting journey, rife with discoveries, rife with lessons on growth. And Inspiration, ladies and gentlemen, as I have often found, is not a distant shooting star to be wished upon. Rather, it glows like that stubborn frost on the window, mesmerizing in its persistence.

Firstly, personal purpose is like that glowing ember that fuels the motivation furnace. Dream, aspire, and set goals that ignite your spirit! Don’t be afraid of the expansive landscape of your dreams but see it as a pristine canvas awaiting the vibrant strokes of your passion and commitment. Let your dreams be your North Star, steering you through this frosty expanse, bearing even the coldest spells with resilient warmth.

Secondly, embrace challenges with the same bravado as our resilient lady from the story. Every hurdle jumped, every storm weathered, adds a stronger feather to your cap of bravery. Be like water, flexible yet relentless, accepting adversities as stepping stones to grow, to flourish, and to conquer.

And finally, inspiration is a well that never runs dry if you're persistent enough to keep drawing from it. Aim to inspire as well as be inspired! Share your stories, your experiences, your warmth with others. And in return, draw from the stories around you. After all, isn’t this train filled with stories waiting to be discovered and shared?

The chilly fingers of winter caressing the windows remind me of the inherent beauty of transitions, of change. As winter paves the way for spring, so does adversity pave the way for growth. So, dear readers, let's brave this winter with a heart ablaze with purpose and a spirit fortified with inspiration. Shall we?

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