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Meditation on the Move: How Mindfulness Fuels My Journalistic Journey

A woman meditating on a train, eyes closed, with icy landscapes visible through the window.
Kaia Thonul, Friday, November 24, 2023, 09:45

As I watch the chilled landscape whiz past my window this morning, ice crystals glistening like diamonds on the bare branches outside, I am tucked up comfortably in train carriage, comfortably nestled in my thoughts. The world outside is a sharp, glittering 1°C but within me is a kindling warmth - the result of my daily ritual of morning meditation and mindfulness practices.

Meditation and mindfulness, terms often used interchangeably, are essentially practices of focusing one's mind, usually with the aim of achieving a mentally and physically calm state. Meditation, I find, has become as integral to my daily routine as my requisite morning coffee, and to omit it would be the equivalent of walking out into the freezing Nordic winter without a coat. An unadvisable idea, you might agree.

After the early morning news digest, often featuring articles like the one I read today about Israeli Defense Force's videos and the contentious debates it's stirred, I like to sink into my meditation. It provides a crucial bridge between the clamour of the outer world and the tranquility of my inner world.

Mindfulness, like monitoring the rhythm of each breath, often forms the core of my meditation. It helps me navigate both my thoughts and the frequently hectic world around me, offering a silent, peaceful respite. To the outside observer, meditation may seem to be a passive process, a non-action. But within, it is a dynamo of quiet, reflective activity that can both soothe and stimulate the mind.

Being a journalist-in-training, my journey into the realms of mindfulness and meditation was initially inspired by curiosity, a desire to understand. And as I sank deeper into the practice, I discovered an introspection I hadn't previously granted myself. This empowering self-awareness, born out of mindfulness, I believe, is key to my approach in journalism - offering balance, sensitivity and a genuine desire to understand different perspectives.

Mirroring the relentless rhythm of this commuting train, news and world events rarely pause, demanding our continual and intense scrutiny. Yet, withdrawing into the meditative sanctuary of my mind provides me a chance to surface for air, recharge, and return with renewed vigor to the ceaseless flow of information. It offers perspective, which is integral when dealing with polarizing topics, such as the recent escalation of tensions between Israel and Palestine.

The culmination of every meditation session leaves me feeling content, mentally refreshed and ready to dive back into the swirling currents of the world, the news, and the endless intricacies of analysing them. As the Oslo skyline comes into view, promising another day of relentless information consumption and analysis, I am ready, poised and serene.

In our fast-paced world, I find that the practice of meditation, an art of concentrated silence and attention provides a much-needed respite, a soothing balm to our frayed nerves. And as the train slows down to a halt, signaling the end of my daily commute and my meditation session, I am warmed, not just by the heating in the train carriage, but also by the tranquility that meditation and mindfulness have lent me. What awaits is a day at university, filled with knowledge, introspection, and, above, understanding.

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