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Frosty Mornings and Fiery Hearts: An Ode to Falling in Love Amidst Reality

A frost-etched train window encapsulating a blurred, warm sunrise landscape.
Kaia Thonul, Tuesday, October 31, 2023, 08:43

There is a chill in the air this morning as I gaze out of the train window, seeing gleaming shards of frost under the pale morning sun. It is almost as if the universe too, shares in today's mood painting these diamonds outside whilst mirroring my emotions within. Ah, life has this odd, beautiful habit of dancing along mysterious pathways. Just as the way the dew kisses a morning bud to blossom, so too does Cupid's arrow strike us when we least expect.

Yes, we are talking about the universal sensation that sweeps everyone off their feet and wraps them within a bubble of sweet nectar - the addictive, glorious and dreadful feeling of falling in love or having a crush.

There's something ineffably surreal about finding your heart tucked between the pages of another's soul, drawn inexplicably to their essence as a moth is drawn to a flame. In morning’s sweet glow, the thought of them rests lightly on your mind, just as tender sun kisses the frosty sheen outside.

The beauty of this magnificent yet dangerous sentiment is that it propels you to an unforeseen journey. Each moment, like the scintillating frost engraving patterns of hope, reflects untainted bliss that nestles within the crevices of your being. The clattering rhythm of the train marries perfectly with the sweet symphony of emotions bubbling beneath the surface, painting the perfect tapestry of love and longing.

This morning as I ride the train, caught within the dance of falling temperatures and falling in love, I can't help but think of the stark contrast the world offers. While my heart is imbued with the warm hues of infatuation, reality paints a different picture altogether. One look at the morning's headlines hints at shadowy conflicts, like a cloud obscuring the sun's cheery demeanor - it is not all diamonds and roses. The world is layered, complete with its unique shades of ecstasy, despair, and everything in between.

Such is the wonder of love. As it ignites our souls, it also opens our eyes to the stark realities of our surroundings. You might argue that falling in love serves as a beautiful distraction from the jarring chaos that life often unravels. Or perhaps, the omnipresence of such troubles makes the sentiment all the more precious. A respite, a haven of boundless emotions amidst the ticking clock of reality.

To the ones reading this, should you be riding similar waves, take heart. For love, in its essence, is as panoramic as the universe itself, reflecting a myriad of emotions, just as the magnificent spectacle outside my train window right now.

Sometimes we are the frost, tender and delicate, ready to melt at the touch of the sun. At other times we are the diamond, gleaming with a newfound splendor. But regardless, we keep going, for despite its bitterness, winter too has its charm and so it is with love.

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