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Morning Reflections on the Oslo Express: A Journey of Acceptance and Forgiveness

A young man gazes out a train window, a newspaper open to the Gaza report, a look of deep thought.
Kaia Thonul, Wednesday, November 8, 2023, 09:32

The subtle hum of the train against the tracks has become my daily soundtrack, a constant companion on these early mornings when the still world slowly wakes from its slumber. With each passing day, my journey to the university from my home near Oslo turns into a progressively brighter tapestry as I look at the seeming starkness of -2 degrees Celsius from a different perspective. As I step onto the train and find my usual seat, I appreciate the snippets of humanity around me—perhaps finding comfort in the predictability, in the shared tranquility of a group of strangers bound by one common goal.

Today, my musings are steered towards a powerful read from my morning dose of the Aftenposten. It highlighted the ongoing crisis in Gaza, particularly concerning Israeli forces and Hamas. The report painted a stark reality of the escalating conflict that has become a battleground of dominance. Concurrently, it swelled in me the overwhelming sense of the balance that we strive to achieve in our lives and society, the precarious equilibrium between acceptance and forgiveness.

We often utter the phrase, 'agree to disagree,' a cornerstone of acceptance, but it may render fruitless if not applied sincerely. Acceptance, in its truest form, is about embracing the existence of difference, not merely tolerating it. It isn't about agreeing with the other person's perspectives, but about acknowledging that they have the right to hold those views. We cannot always control how things unfold around us, let alone on an international scale. However, what we can manage is how we react to it. And that reaction should start with acceptance, an understanding that there are multiple narratives, multiple truths.

It made me ponder over our consistent underestimation of forgiveness. The duality of the conflict reflected in the news mirrors the struggles we face daily. The power of forgiveness can often be our saving grace. Imagine the universal harmony we could foster if forgiveness was extended on a larger scale. Yet the concept seems pressure-laden, filled with burdensome preconceptions that it means acquiescing to wrongdoings or ignoring the pain that was inflicted.

In essence, forgiveness isn't synonymous with forgetting; rather, it's about freeing ourselves from the shackles of past transgressions, providing us a clean slate to sketch the new beginnings. The person bearing the brunt of an unforgiven action often ends up being the person unable to forgive, for it snatches away their serenity, entrapping them in a cycle of negativity.

And so, as the Oslo scenery races past the frost-kissed train window, I find myself gaining a better understanding of humanity's complexities. Both acceptance and forgiveness are difficult journeys, each with their unique bends and potholes. They demand patience, understanding, and compassion, a continuous moving forwards towards a better tomorrow. But perhaps it's these qualities that truly define us and distinguish humans from other species—our ability to think, feel, and grow.

There's much work to be done at the university today; assignments to submit, classes to attend, but as we come into the city's station, I'm grateful. Grateful for these moments of quiet introspection amidst constant academia, where societal issues blend seamlessly with my own reflections, teaching me lessons that extend beyond my journalism coursework.

This train ride becomes a reminder of being resilient and adaptable amidst a sea of constant change. It instills in me the importance of practicing acceptance and forgiveness, not only towards others but also towards myself, the very core of personal growth.

Lastly, irrespective of where we are, perhaps it's important to remember—in our hearts and minds—that even though conflicts and differences may be inevitable, acceptance and forgiveness hold the key to unlocking the door of harmony and tranquility. We are all passengers on this train of life, and it is entirely up to us to decide what kind of world we want to alight into—whether we want to hold onto resentment or to unwaveringly strive for understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness.

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Chasing Solitude: A Heartrending Symphony of Solo Travel and Lingering Melancholy

A lone figure gazing out a train window, melancholic eyes mirroring the gloomy skies yet conveying hope.
Kaia Thonul, Friday, October 27, 2023, 09:25

As I traverse the familiar path that connects home to the metropolitan, the bone-chilling air seeping through the narrow crack in the slightly ajar train window serves as a sobering reminder of the world outside. My usual companion: a generous dash of loneliness, and several meager digits on the frosty thermometer. A bitter two degrees.

This regular journey, often shrugged off as mundane, is an expedition. Solo travel, despite its fair share of satire, has an unspoken profundity that often goes unnoticed. There's a certain melancholy attached to it, a sense of desolation that seeps in like the cold, meandering its way into my thoughts and, inevitably, into my words. Yet, it holds an adventure of its own, filled with undulations of self-discovery, introspection and resilience. A sardonic grin washes over my face; for it mirrors a lesson learned through countless solitary train rides.

Today, however, the melancholy carries an extra weight.

Just another day, just another news piece, yet it leaves an indelible mark on your spirit. I come across an article that tears open a harsh reality about the world today. Myriad emotions entwined with indifference, disbelief, and a palpable dread taint the earlier jovial mood. A chilly shiver runs down my spine as I soak in the aftermath of a horrifying incident in far-off California. Specialized words and facts try to sanitize the bloodshed but nothing can cloak the human tragedy at its heart.

Six lives extinguished, twelve others forever marred, courtesy of a system so fragile that an individual shadowed by a history of violence slips through its cracks. A tragedy borne of apathy, and rooted in ignorance.

"Silos are the death of empathy", I scribble down in my notebook. An individual lost to the thralls of violence, a family grappling with the unfathomable guilt of hindsight, and questions with no apparent answers clutter my thoughts in the rattling solitude of the train.

The solo journey continues. The fleeting landscapes outside the frost-laced window narrate tales of vast, undulating plains, icy-laden rivers and towering mountains; and I, a mere observer, drown in the abyss of melancholy. What good are these splendid sights when the warmth of humanity is steadily receding? What worth is an adventure if it's marred by the cold shrills of despair echoing from afar?

In the solitary expanse of this train ride, the underbelly of solo travel is exposed. It's not all sunsets and beautiful landscapes. Sometimes, it's confronting the harsh reality of solitude, of helplessness, of a world that's equally beautiful and brutal. And even so, we trudge on. We keep travelling, keep discovering, keep moving - because as the train runs its course, there's a peculiar comfort in the continuity of motion, in the heartbeat of the rail tracks beneath us.

It's a disenchanting orchestra of laughter and tears, joy and sorrow, warmth and cold. Yet, the symphony continues. The melancholy dwindling to a lullaby, and as the city lights of Oslo twinkle in the distance, it whispers - the delightfulness of the journey often lies within the dejection of the ride. Such is the bitter-sweet symphony of solo travel, a heartwrenching adventure of its own.

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