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Chasing The Train of Thought: How Interviewing For Internships Mirrors The Political Climate

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Kaia Thonul, Tuesday, April 16, 2024, 09:39

As I sit here on my morning train commute, the world outside is swathed in a frigid white blanket, the mercury barely tickling 2°C. My breath fogs up the window as I settle in, creating a tiny cloud against the frost-coated glass. My fingers dance across my laptop's keyboard, as eager as the rest of me to let my thoughts, each birthed from my experiences, unravel.

Today I feel contemplative – buoyed by possibilities, anchored by uncertainties. The topic at hand seems abstractedly apropos - interviewing for internships. The very mention of it calls to mind countless evenings spent poring over cover letters and application forms, the uneasy stirs of anticipation and dread intertwining like an intricate dance.

The task of securing an internship is a rite of passage for many university students. As a journalism student, it’s more than just about getting a foot in the door – it’s about gaining the experience of chasing stories and truths, and laying the foundation for our future roles as custodians of the narrative.

Likewise, political leaders face a similar challenge – not in receiving internships, but in securing the people’s mandate. Their candidacy is much like a prolonged, high-stakes job interview, played out over months, even years. Recently, I read about the complex political triangle linking the United States, Iran, and Israel. The implicit strategical equations and the potential repercussions of recent skirmishes on an upcoming election are all intertwined in a labyrinthine intrigue.

It's quite intriguing, how securing an internship mirrors the political climate. Both involve high stakes. Both necessitate persuasion, competence, determination. There's the same jangling edge of uncertainty, the same exhilarating thrill of possibly being chosen. Of course, the magnitude of the consequences is vastly different, but somehow, this doesn't negate the parallels.

Interviewing for an internship is as much about understanding yourself as it is about comprehending the psyche of the organisation. Similar to political leaders analysis of their electorate's requirements. It's a game of insights, understanding, and empathy, punctuated by bursts of brute persistence.

As my train gently rocks along, the city of Oslo looming ever closer, I marvel at the interconnectivity of all things. What we, as students, endure and learn in our quest for experience, isn’t disassociated from the larger events unfolding on the global stage.

I turn to gaze out of the window, the world outside still frost-ridden, and yet teeming with life - a stark reminder of both the cold reality we exist within, and the fiery human spirit that propels us further. Just like the interviewee - navigating the formidable, yet still, hopeful battleground of experience and opportunity. We interview. We learn. We aspire. We progress.

Today, as yet another winter’s day unfolds, I am gripped by a sense of purpose emanating from my reflections. As I step onto the familiar platform, the world outside feels less intimidating, the weight of my potential less onerous. After all, to begin is to be halfway there. And, while the morning remains frigid, there’s a warmth spreading within me – a slow, burning resolve undeterred by the cold.

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