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Journeying Through the Complexities of Community: Reflections from a Chilly Norwegian Train Ride

Group of people huddled together in a snowy Norwegian landscape, sculpting a massive ice figure.
Kaia Thonul, Tuesday, January 23, 2024, 07:57

Good Morning,

As I gaze out on a wintery Norwegian landscape, the temperature creeping up to a chilly four degrees Celsius, I find myself lost in thoughts about the phenomena of being a part of something bigger than oneself - a club, a fraternity, or an organization. Warmth flutters within me at the thought, despite the frosty window panes of the train car.

Belonging to a group gives an undeniable sense of community, security, and identity. We, as social creatures, persistently seek to extend beyond our individuality, to join forces with others who share our interests, our perspectives, or our values.

Society is densely woven with the threads of various groups - clubs at universities, professional entities, political parties, and others. These platforms often provide us avenues to share our thoughts, express our feelings, and collaborate for common goals.

As I journey through the chilly Norwegian countryside towards my university, I mull over the news article I just read. A case involving a high-ranking politician turns on its head when the informant from within the same party steps forward. Perhaps it is a testament to the fact that being a part of a group doesn't render members as monolithic entities. Each member has their individual opinions, beliefs, and moral compass.

A collective is made up of independent souls, each with their unique traits and values. While being a part of a group can provide a sense of belonging, it's not devoid of confrontations or disagreements. Sometimes, standing up for what's right might mean standing against those in the same fraternity. A complex asymmetry, isn't it?

But, isn't that what adds depth to our affiliations? The capacity to assert our individuality while flourishing in a collective. The potential to challenge, to change, and to carve out our identity is inherently attached to our membership in any fraternity.

As a journalism student, I delve into these complexities every day. They challenge my understanding, broaden my perspective, and infuse within me the ability to question, to probe, and to create narratives. It's an inexplicably empowering feeling - like carving out intricate patterns on an ice sculpture, bit by bit.

Every breath clouds the window even more, and the outside world looks a bit more ethereal. I look forward to the familiar Oslo skyline, to another day of exploring, learning, and growing as a part of the student fraternity.

To be a part of a club or fraternity - it's a mixture of acquiescence and assertion, uniformity and uniqueness. Being part of a group has its highs and lows, but in its essence, it amplifies the diversity of human experience - a reality as multifaceted as the crystal frost that blooms on the exterior of my train window. And perhaps, that's what makes it preferable.

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