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Between Books and Reality: A College Student’s Melancholy Dance with Economic Indicators

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Kaia Thonul, Tuesday, October 10, 2023, 07:32

Another day dawns, bleak and dreary, mirroring my mood perfectly. The temperature outside shivers shy of freezing at 3°C, and the frosted train window is a chilling inscription of my arctic thoughts. Another day commutes to college and into the hardbound confines of education. Yet, I can't help but recollect how different my image of university life was before reality served me a rather bitter cup of truth.

Life in college, rather than a whimsical adventure to self-discovery and untamed truth, is unfolding as a machine, spewing out graduates year after year. We journey through this process, churning out reports, homework and term papers, measured and evaluated for our potential contribution to the system. Where gone are the spirited debates, the challenging conversations, the open-ended questions?

I've been questioning recently, what is the true value of this education? As the train speeds towards Oslo, racing against my foggy thoughts, the harsh news article from E24 that I just read seems to add another layer of uncertainty to my ponderings. A significant dip in Norway's price growth. An alteration in monetary policy. The ripple effect on the krone exchange rate. The growing stagnation in the housing market. It all suddenly feels so disheartening and overwhelming. Where do we, the young and hopeful, navigate our future in such a volatile landscape?

Even as I study journalism, bridging the gap between truth and representation, the present dynamics in the financial domain add a shade of grey to my otherwise vibrant canvas of hopes. How do I see myself helping the common folk understand these complex economic twists and turns? It certainly doesn’t help morale to reflect on graduating into a world of low interest rates and suppressed housing markets.

These foreboding statistics paint an unsettling and uneasy prospect for us, the soon-to-be workforce, embarking on our journey into the 'real world'. Battling the constant pressure to align our career choices with the volatile economic climate, our college life often seems like a launchpad into a realm of hard choices and compromising dreams, rather than a delightful haven for intellectual growth and exploration.

It feels as if the college bubble provides but a temporary shield from deeper rumblings and realities of the world outside. It is in these challenging times, staring out into the vast, cold expanse of the Norwegian landscape, I remind myself, that the core of journalism – the thirst for truth, the challenge of narratives, the relentless pursuit of change – is not dictated by economic indicators or monetary policy. They remain, stubborn and robust, at the heart of what I do and who I want to be.

Essentially, college is an echo of the real world - shaped by external forces, yet holding within it, the power to shape its reality. Which makes me wonder if my bitterness resides more in these sobering reflections of the world, rather than college life itself. As my train shrouds itself in the melancholy symphony of gloomy landscapes and moody skies, I find myself grappling with these reflections, ever more determined to make sense of this capricious dance between realities and desires.

The train inches closer to Oslo, the bleak city beckons, and a long day of lectures waits. But there is comfort, however slight, in penning down these reflections, acknowledging the bitter, yet pressing forth with a resolve that this won’t be the only narrative of my college journey. I hope that my future posts will echo a different perspective, perhaps a happier note, as I continue to unravel the intertwined webs of college life and the world beyond. Until then, amidst the blur of snow-clad trees and icy lakes, the journey continues...

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