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Chasing Aspirations: A Reflection on Career Goals Amidst Frosted Norwegian Landscapes

A young journalist gazing out a snowy train window in Oslo, laptop and powerbank on the table.
Kaia Thonul, Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 15:57

From the cozy cocoon of my train carriage, insulated from the chilly -1°C of an Oslo afternoon, I sit blissfully lost in a flurry of thoughts about career goals. Nestled in the warm semi-silence, I feel my fingers just itching to tap into existence my musings on this seemingly vast topic.

As the world outside speeds by in a blur of snow-capped trees and frosted landscapes, I find myself reflecting on the myriad paths we all have the ability to tread when it comes to forging our careers. Whatever field it is - journalism, medicine, art or even politics - the choices, twists and turns are as vast and diverse as the drifting snowflakes cascading down from the heavens.

It's enthralling to think about the freedom that lies within these infinite decisions. We wield the power to mold our lives, like flexible clay, into whatever shape we dream to be. Each choice we make, every risk we take, lead us towards different realities – ones that we alone are capable of creating. It's truly empowering to think of it that way.

I was reading an intriguing news article today about Sindre Finnes promising to sell his stock shares by 2025, due to a potential conflict of interest issue arising out of his political and business associations. Despite the criticism he faced, he has decided to pave a new path, aligning with his values and beliefs.

Isn’t this what career goals are truly about? They are not merely about garnering wealth, power, or status, but also about aligning with our personal values and ethics. Essentially, they are about having the courage to make changes that echo with our core beliefs, thereby leading us toward a future we genuinely believe in.

Speaking of belief, here I am, a journalism student, filled with dreams, just at the start of my own career, and excited for what the future holds. My powerbank is my reliable companion on this journey, much like a steadfast lighthouse guiding ships in the dark. This humble piece of tech keeps me connected to my dreams, as my fingers translate thoughts into words even in the unplugged confines of a speeding train filled with homeward-bound souls.

Despite the unpredictable paths, no journey is too arduous provided we remain firmly tethered to the powerhouses of our ethics, passions, and dreams. It's heartening to imagine that with every blog post I share, every story I pen, I am setting stepping stones towards my own grand career goal.

Even as dusk blankets the Norwegian landscape outside, a warm glow of satisfaction wraps around me. The spark from the fire of my career aspirations has ignited the kindling, soon, it'll turn into a full-blown flame. As the train chugs along, I look forward to the challenges, victories, and the endless opportunities that lay ahead on this chosen path.

So, here's to the journey, cherishing the process, respecting the power of choices, and of course, the undying loyalty of powerbanks. I look forward to becoming a worthy steward of the journalistic values, eager to contribute my own melody to the symphony of words that is journalism. But for now, I’m headed home where a steaming cup of tea awaits me.

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