Frosty Mornings and Fiery Hearts: An Ode to Falling in Love Amidst Reality

A frost-etched train window encapsulating a blurred, warm sunrise landscape.
Kaia Thonul, Tuesday, October 31, 2023, 08:43

There is a chill in the air this morning as I gaze out of the train window, seeing gleaming shards of frost under the pale morning sun. It is almost as if the universe too, shares in today's mood painting these diamonds outside whilst mirroring my emotions within. Ah, life has this odd, beautiful habit of dancing along mysterious pathways. Just as the way the dew kisses a morning bud to blossom, so too does Cupid's arrow strike us when we least expect.

Yes, we are talking about the universal sensation that sweeps everyone off their feet and wraps them within a bubble of sweet nectar - the addictive, glorious and dreadful feeling of falling in love or having a crush.

There's something ineffably surreal about finding your heart tucked between the pages of another's soul, drawn inexplicably to their essence as a moth is drawn to a flame. In morning’s sweet glow, the thought of them rests lightly on your mind, just as tender sun kisses the frosty sheen outside.

The beauty of this magnificent yet dangerous sentiment is that it propels you to an unforeseen journey. Each moment, like the scintillating frost engraving patterns of hope, reflects untainted bliss that nestles within the crevices of your being. The clattering rhythm of the train marries perfectly with the sweet symphony of emotions bubbling beneath the surface, painting the perfect tapestry of love and longing.

This morning as I ride the train, caught within the dance of falling temperatures and falling in love, I can't help but think of the stark contrast the world offers. While my heart is imbued with the warm hues of infatuation, reality paints a different picture altogether. One look at the morning's headlines hints at shadowy conflicts, like a cloud obscuring the sun's cheery demeanor - it is not all diamonds and roses. The world is layered, complete with its unique shades of ecstasy, despair, and everything in between.

Such is the wonder of love. As it ignites our souls, it also opens our eyes to the stark realities of our surroundings. You might argue that falling in love serves as a beautiful distraction from the jarring chaos that life often unravels. Or perhaps, the omnipresence of such troubles makes the sentiment all the more precious. A respite, a haven of boundless emotions amidst the ticking clock of reality.

To the ones reading this, should you be riding similar waves, take heart. For love, in its essence, is as panoramic as the universe itself, reflecting a myriad of emotions, just as the magnificent spectacle outside my train window right now.

Sometimes we are the frost, tender and delicate, ready to melt at the touch of the sun. At other times we are the diamond, gleaming with a newfound splendor. But regardless, we keep going, for despite its bitterness, winter too has its charm and so it is with love.

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From Oslo Mornings to Powerbanks: Embracing Long-Term Goals Amidst Life's Contradictions

A woman gazing at a snow-covered field holding a power bank while holding a news article in Oslo.
Kaia Thonul, Monday, May 20, 2024, 09:48

Against the frigid 13°C backdrop of an Oslo morn, I find myself by the window of a train, gazing at the landscapes blurring past. A dreary prettiness that's accentuated by the complexities of life's wistful, heartrending symphony. The melancholic lilt playing on a loop in my head reminds me of the managing long-term goals, an idea which I can't seem to shake off.

Planning, discipline, tenacity - all noble acts of a tenacious spirit, stepping stones towards the bliss of achievement. Yet, as I sit here, the artificial gloom of the cabin around me, I perceive it as a tightrope walk, not fodder for 'how I made it large' stories. It's a journey compounded by heartbreaks, setback, and unseemly compromises.

Still, the key to manoeuvring this labyrinth lies in our approach. Goals could be like distant horizons on a helve of foggy uncertainties, or they may be milestones, dotting our life's journey, pushing us gently yet firmly towards fulfilment. Those somber musings on a mechanical beast racing towards the city bring me comfort, the acceptance of my place in the grand scheme.

Goals - long-term ones should be like the powerbanks we carry. Incredibly beneficial, they relieve the troubles of low battery life, providing potential sustenance to our devices. But beyond that, they are reminders of preparation. Their silent support is incredible, sheer power bundled in this amoebic piece of metal. So are our long-term goals, silently powering us, even when the world disconnects.

Yet, today, depression lingers. Each beat of my heart echoes heavy, like the solitary droplets of a persistent drizzle against my window. There’s an exhausting bleakness, a curtain drawn over life’s vibrancies and replaced with blue-gray hues. But every journey has a destination and this emotional trip has its own cure. I simply need to chart its course.

This morning, I happened to chanced upon a Norwegian news article about a helicopter accident involving the Iranian President. The details are peppered with conflicting accounts, a jumbled puzzle missing pieces, not unlike the lexicon of depression - confusing, intricate, and mind-bogglingly contradictory. Yet what's surprising is that we still try to piece together the story. Find the missing piece, make sense of the senseless, walk on the path strewn with uncertainties. Such is life, such are our long-term goals.

As I pen down my thoughts on this train ride to Oslo, I'm reminded that life isn't a collection of smooth transitions. There are roadblocks, detours and obstacles. You might lose yourself in that dense fog of hopelessness. Fear not, for powerbanks exist, and so do maps to guide you back on track.

Let your long-term goals be your personal powerbanks, comforting, empowering, and guiding you toward that faint glimmer at the end of a seemingly never-ending tunnel. For the essence of living isn’t in basking in the frigid clarity of an achieved moment, but in the tussle, the strive, and the restless pursuit of a distant dawn.

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Morning Musings: An Introspective Journey Into Feminism and Empowerment

A brisk Oslo morning, the cityscape in transition, with a woman gazing off, deep in thought.
Kaia Thonul, Tuesday, May 14, 2024, 08:45

What a morning it is! As souls wrapped in thick sweaters knock back their first rush of caffeine for the day, I'm cozied up on the train, the temperature displaying a crisp 9°C on the digital signboard. Life bursts with anticipation, radiating an energy that is infectious and propelling me into a frenzy of thoughts. Fingers darting across the keyboard, they echo the rhythm of the train's gentle sway, churning out today's discourse - the bold and beautiful concept of feminism and empowerment.

The world swirls outside, offering a transient perspective on an exhilarating theme, and I am stoked! The morning news, like this shared train journey, wove tales both pleasant and not so. It shone a light on accelerations in rent prices, indicative of the constant change and evolution we experience in everyday life. Oslo, my city isn't untouched; it’s evolving, pulsating and accompanying its citizens' journey, much like my own quest of knighthood within the realms of journalism.

But this morning, as the countryside whizzes by, I am not engrossed in the brouhaha of rising rents or regional disparities. Rather, my heart beats in sync with the very essence of feminism and empowerment. Ah, feminism! Unboxing such a complex term is akin to unfurling an intricately folded piece of origami, revealing myriad stories and perspectives encompassed within.

Feminism and empowerment, these terms are not just phrases but are emotions, rooted deep within each of us, transcending the stereotypes we've been conditioned to perceive. Feminism is a consoling whisper into the ear of someone brushed aside because they identified as a woman, a footstep echoing in the hallways leading us to empowerment.

Isn't empowerment a tantalizing concept? To me, empowerment swirls around like a golden thread, knitting us together in a glorious tapestry of resilience and strength. It's not about high heels or red lipstick, but about the fire within to break barriers and challenge the status quo. It's not gender-specific; it is humanity-specific, transcending societal norms and stereotypes, lifting us into a more egalitarian world.

As I rattle along on this early morning journey, my eyes flicker from the soothing Norwegian countryside to the rising Oslo skyline. I draw parallels between the ever-evolving landscape and the changing perspectives within society. Like our understanding of feminism and empowerment, we too are evolving, not confined to static structures but embracing the fluidity of change.

One might say that the rising rent prices, the changing landscapes, the very journey from the outskirts of Oslo to the heart of the University isn't just a physical commute. It's a metaphor for the progression of thoughts, perspectives, uncovering new dimensions of feminism and empowerment each day.

Even as our train clacks along the tracks, we too are journeying on, with the bright eyes of hope, the laughter lines of experience, trudging onwards to a world more enlightened, more empowered. As I wrap up, the city skyline draws close, I leave you with a question to ponder - how will you contribute to this evolution of thought? To the construction of a society drenched in the beautiful hues of feminism and empowerment.

As the day unfolds and asphalt replaces the countryside, the train pulls into Oslo. My adrenaline pumps, ready to seize the day with a renewed sense of purpose. I leave you with these thoughts to incubate. Until we meet again, ride the rails of empowerment, stay audacious, and above all, stay kind!

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Preserving Bonds Across Borders: The Paradox of Long-Distance Friendships in a Chaotic World

The photo shows a person gazing out a rainy window, a cellphone clutched in hand displaying a half-typed message.
Kaia Thonul, Monday, May 13, 2024, 08:58

In the quiet hum of the morning train, I sit bathed in the feeble warmth of my overused laptop, my fingers dancing tentatively over the keys as they spill my thoughts onto the screen. The lukewarm coffee in the plasticky cup nearby offers little comfort as I glance outside, the world wrapped in a shroud of steely grey, painting a gloomy, 9-degree canvas for me to write on.

My mind, however, is not entirely here, captured in this physical reality of coldness and sobriety. It sits thousands of kilometers away, nestled among the lives of dear friends, strewn across different corners of the world. We sit, separated by miles, oceans, time zones yet kept close by the tenuous strings of shared memories and laughter. As the rhythmic lull of the train merges with my thoughts, I ponder on a relevant subject: How to maintain long-distance friendships.

Such a topic draws to mind the turbulent ongoings in this world, like the thousands of innocent lives displaced amidst an unwarranted meleé in northeastern Ukraine. The gloomy specter of war, seen in the subtle lines of a news article, illustrates how our world is drifting apart in its own way. The chaos of today shapes the context for the friendships we attempt to sustain over these distances.

In the case of long-distance friendships, technology provides the modern lantern that lights our path. Social media, video calls, instant messaging - these magical tools whisk us across continents and into the lives of our distant friends within the space of seconds. Yet, the bitter truth nestled amidst this marvel is how the same technology that brings us closer also emotionlessly amplifies the somber realities of the world; like the fog of turbulence shrouding Ukraine right now.

Heartening it may be to hear the familiar laughter of a friend at the other end of a video call; disheartening it is to read of the suffering and mass strife in the same world where our friendships thrive. It is incredibly jarring, the war within these digital windows, how one may breed the warmth of connection and the other, the chill of despair.

And so, maintaining long-distance friendships becomes less about battling the challenges of time zones and missed calls, but more about navigating this ocean of paradoxical realities that we live in simultaneously.

You see, in this gloom-tinted world where civilians flee from danger and accusations are traded like toys in a sandbox, one has to remember to be grateful for those far-off friendships. Grateful for the resonance of shared human experience in the vast body of drifting faces and names. Grateful for a text received late in the night, for hearty laughter echoing over poor reception, for shared stories of daily lives, mundane and extraordinary.

These friendships, must be cultivated with patience and understanding, always remembering that behind the screen, there is another human adjoining in the chaotic tapestry of human existence. Allow for differences in opinions and perspective and let that be the strength, the glue that binds your friendship together – a mutual respect for each other's life experiences and insights.

Perhaps then, long-distance friendships can be our anchor, a beacon of burning hope in the cold, gloomy reality we inhabit. As we relentlessly grapple against the tides of fragility and impermanence, they serve as poignant reminders of smiling faces, shared moments and echoing laughter in the chambers of our minds, a sanctuary in a world so often marked by chaos, made far too real by the parts of the world we don’t inhabit but can't ignore.

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Dancing with Time: A Norwegian Journalism Student's Reflections on Balancing Life, Work, and the Egg Shortage

A student striding down a frosty Norwegian street, latte in one hand, and in the other, a notepad.
Kaia Thonul, Friday, May 3, 2024, 09:38

The ground crunches underfoot as I make my way to the station, cradling my hot coffee carefully to avoid spills. The frigid air draws a sharp breath from my lips, not bemoaning yet another icy morning but rather oddly appreciative - because if there's one thing I consistently fail at managing, it's the weather (but then again, aren't we all?). The weather, much like time, refuses to bend to my whims and wishes. And speaking of time, it is sure a cruel and relentless partner in this dance we call life.

As a journalism student here in Norway, I am constantly spinning between various roles: Learner, commuter, writer, employee, and friend. It can be a tedious cycle, albeit instilled with the thrill of growth and discovery. Yet, as the train rattles below me, propelling me into the heart of Oslo and another lecture-infused day, I can't help but compare the fleeting landscape to my own life - always moving and changing, slipping away faster than I can through the murky window glass.

Splitting my existence between college, work, and friends feels like a questionable juggling act at times. On the one hand, my coursework calls for dedication and immense focus, a merciless taskmaster commanding me to write, read, analyze, repeat. The relentless push and pull between college and work responsibilities are a ceaseless source of exhaustion - Do I spend that additional hour finishing a paper or do I use it to earn some extra kroner to paint the town red?

And then there are friends, the souls who make laughter a little bit louder, life a little bit sweeter, and solitude a little bit bearable. Their importance cannot be understated, yet the quest for balance means less time savoured in their company.

And here commences the lament. Like the slow draining of Norwegian eggs over the past year, each day the aspects of my life are sucked into the vortex, leaving me hollow. I find an ironic kinship with the egg shortage; both our plights a result of circumstances beyond control. Increases in workload, cost of living, and academic demands resonate sourly with the escalating egg prices.

How do you fill an egg with nothing or a life with no time? Import them? The government's solution, albeit necessary, a potential threat to animal welfare, rings hollow in my heart. Imported time isn't the same. It doesn’t meet the same standards, nor does it provide the same comfort as homegrown moments do. A minute bought is a minute lost, leaving a void that sadly, morning coffee just can't fill.

In the grand scheme, this all might appear as some first-world lament. Eggs and time - what might an outsider say? But, the core truth of our lives is this: we are all just trying to manage what we have, with most of us fighting to not lose what little's left.

Can time be managed? I’m beginning to question that. As the train pulls into the city, students like me flooding out towards another day, I take a small breath, clutch my bag tighter and decide, time might be a relentless dance partner, but I can learn to step in rhythm, to twirl gracefully upon this stage.

As for the eggs, I can only hope for the situation to improve. Both are struggles, both require patience, and both, in their lamentable ways, make me appreciate what I have - my own version of the slightly scrambled, yet surprisingly delightful, student life.

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Empathy from Afar: A Tranquil Morning and the Fiery Echoes of Odesa

A damp cityscape at sunrise, a man reading a paper, with haunting fire reflections in a coffee cup.
Kaia Thonul, Thursday, May 2, 2024, 09:25

Under the glossy grey robe of an early morning drizzle, the city moves in hushed whispers and the occasional rumble of a train. A pallid landscape stretches for miles under a heavy ceiling of clouds, drearily reminiscent of a forgotten canvas. Its hues, watered down to muted tones of melancholia. The day starts with the temperature balancing precariously on 9°C, a soft chill caressing the world outside the comfort of the train.

Nestled in my usual window seat, I am allowing the scenery to blur into a meaningless panorama as I delve into the pressing pages of a news article. My eyes trace the lines of alphabets faithfully spelling out a terrifying tale from halfway across the world. A place with a different language, culture, and landscape, yet bound by the universal connotations these letters form. A place now blazing in the crimson hues of an untimely fire: Odesa.

In an unexpected second, the tranquility of the morning is discomfortingly peppered with distant echoes of an explosion. Brick, steel, and fear dance together in the flames, aided and fueled by an indiscriminate rocket attack. A warehouse, inconspicuous yesterday, lays bare today, sent into notoriety overnight. The specifics, unspoken in the article, linger in my mind, an unformed cloud of thoughts. The heat of the fire spreads, carried by my imagination, filling the cold void left by facts unmentioned.

Emergency services surge forth, ready to collar the flames but are helpless in calming the tidal wave of dread and the fierce despair that will follow suit. The casualties - real people, with lives and beating hearts and dreams - are now a question mark. A tear in the fabric of this story still unfolding to the rhythm of the clock.

My part as the reader merely underlines my powerlessness, except to immerse in remote solidarity, feeling the edges of an aftermath I will never fully comprehend. Fire, so comforting in a Norwegian winter, becomes an unspeakable horror in someone else's context, painting a stark image I see only through the lens of black ink on newsprint.

Her stance on current social issues, so often spoken about, is now drowned in the ceaseless hum of the moving train. The imposed silence in this moment poses a harsh contrast to the loud screams in Odesa that go, seemingly, unheard. Unsure, introverted, and somewhat forlorn, I realize that empathy is too often a one-way street - with its lanes bordered by privileged ignorance. In our evolving world, empathy alone isn't enough. It begs to be reinforced by thoughtful actions, and not half-formed feelings detached from reality.

The arrival at Oslo server almost as a rude interruption, a heartless reminder of my world unaffected by distant tragedies. Another day begins, with a brewing coffee, a room full of words, and the familiar faces of academia; still, the forlorn words from miles away cling to my heartstrings. As I write, the Odesa fire finds a place in my blog, forever etched in my memories — a heart-rending paradox of the world's interconnectedness and its isolating apathy. The emptiness in the hearts of those affected, and even in those who merely observe from afar, lingers like a haunting melody.

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Dawn Breaks in Oslo: A Reflection on the Resilient Women of History

Woman's silhouette against Oslo's cold sunrise, holding a book on historical women's achievements.
Kaia Thonul, Tuesday, April 30, 2024, 09:53

As the pallid hues of dawn break across the Oslo sky, I join the throng of drowsy commuters meandering towards the train station. Gray swaddles the world, paintbrush streaks of cloud dappled over a raw canvas of reality. The arctic air, an icy tentacle at 5°C, seizes any warmth with ruthless, greedy tendrils. From within my cocoon of frosted breath I sit, and begin to type at keys that feel as frigid as the ambivalence of history toward the impact of women.

The harsh grating of wheels against rusted track is the somber symphony to this early morning, a stark reminder of the hardships so many inspirational women in history have faced. The charred embers of the news report I most recently devoured, sizzle still in my core - a sour stench of suspicion and tension, a somber reminder that whilst we fight for equality, freedom is not yet free.

Women of history have shattered glass ceilings, their contributions like shards of light gleaming bright through the murk of societal judgement. It is not their names that matter but their consistent resilience, the strength found in the adversity they faced, or their unwillingness to succumb to the overwhelming burdens of their eras. They rode the waves of change, charted course in unknown territories, played roles in the theater of revolutions - a testament to resilience; a beacon of hope.

They had ideas that rivaled those of men, accomplishments that pushed boundaries and, most importantly, they had voices that echoed throughout history despite contemptuous efforts to silence them. Yet, society's perception of these women’s achievements tend to be suspended in monochrome, a morose lament to what should be vibrant tales of victory.

No, they weren't all saints, much like men weren’t all savants. They were human, they erred and persevered, they fell and rose, they fought and fumbled. And still, they continue to shape, mold, and influence the society we live in today. They did so, not for glory or recognition but because they believed they could, and so they did.

As the train trundles into Oslo, I look out of the window to the awakening city, shrouded in the muted hues of the dawn’s daylight. My thoughts trace back to that chilling news report, the prevailing inequality, and the walls yet to be broken.

Nevertheless, these inspirational women of history remind us not to despair. They instill in us the courage to face adversity. They encourage us to continue raising our voices, making our choices and leaving our footprints on the sands of time, just as they did. Ensuring their struggles were not in vain, we move forward, making strides infused with their memories, their inspiration. Finally, they remind us to hope, for another dawn will break, and another day will come. And with it, maybe, just maybe, a brighter future for us all.

The train grinds to a halt, the doors fold open. I hoist my bag over my shoulder, my resolve settled like the frost on the city streets outside. Today, in my own little way, I too will strive to make a difference. The women of history echo in my thoughts, whispering tales of fortitude and resilience, a soft glow in the gray light of a Norwegian morning. This is their legacy, our inheritance. An inheritance we will carry with us, always. It must be done, and so, it will be done. Tomorrow awaits.

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From Train Windows to Unvoiced Dreams: My Parallel Journey with Ukraine Amidst Job Search Endeavours

Image of a young woman looking out a frosty window in a cozy Norwegian home, newspaper about Ukraine in hand.
Kaia Thonul, Wednesday, April 24, 2024, 07:13

Reflecting on the languid landscape that abides outside my train window against a secluded symphony of the churning wheels, I can't help but be consumed by news of the outside world. It’s a strange dichotomy, the serenity of these frost-kissed Norwegian mornings juxtaposed against the troubled tumult occurring miles away in Ukraine. The steely gray skies and the icy chill that barely pierces the thick polish of the glass echoes the sorrow that subtly seeps into my heart.

This morning’s news fall like cold drops on my already heavy heart. Ukraine - a nation grieving, a people fighting, their story unfolding across foreign newsprint and pixels in stoic vibrancy. An aid package, a beacon of hope amidst despair circles the labyrinthine machinery of policy and politics, inviting a cocktail of consternation and support.

Yet, in these narratives of distant despair, I see an unexpected mirror reflecting my anxieties, my pursuit of my first job. Just as they are navigating the intricate pathway of survival, I too find myself venturing into this uncharted territory of crafting a career.

The parallels are strange, sobering. Like Ukraine, seeking aid to secure a future amidst uncertainty, I find myself reaching out for opportunities to anchor my dreams. Each application, each interview feels like a plea, a negotiation for a chance at nurturing my potential, securing my future. I too feel scrutinized, my abilities questioned, my worth weighed. The fears of whether my plea will be seen, my ambition supported akin to the political interplay of senators deciding the fate of a forceful aid package.

Just like the senators, potential employers weigh the risks, assess the benefits. Could my passion fuel the growth of their institution? Or would I consume too many resources, risk increasing overhead costs just as the senators lament over the potential surge in energy prices?

Yet, the lawmakers' optimism reflects the fierce hope that buds within my heart. A hope that my words will inspire, my efforts will touch hearts, lead to connections. A hope that echoes on every application sent, every test given - a resolution to rise, like the first fingers of dawn stretching across the velvet cloak of night.

The path to one’s first job, after all, is not unlike the journey the aid package sails, navigating uncharted waters stirred by uncertainty. Failures, rejections—they ripple through, like unfavourable policy debates. Nevertheless, optimism persists, a steady flame dancing against the chilling wind of adversity.

Each morning the train carries not just me, but my unvoiced dreams. While I am perched by the frost-lined window gazing at the unfolding patchwork of Norway's tranquil plains, a piece of my heart travels across the vast digital sphere seeking an anchor. It’s a journey, each step fraught with its own battles, its unique disappointments. It’s a rite of passage that induces growth, forges strength.

As I digest the news, my own personal narratives unravel before me - mirroring distant turmoils in these intimate trials. I silently pen this blog post on the train to Oslo. Tomorrow, I will write again. Amidst the chill, amidst the turmoil, amidst the anxiety, I will continue writing, continue dreaming, until I find my home in the world of journalism. This is my journey, my story to tell. It is sorrowful, yet hopeful, daunted yet determined.

Tomorrow is another day, another step in my journey. But for now, I will simply lose myself in the delicate dance of snowflakes against the train window, carrying in their spectral ballet, the stories of distant lands and fierce dreams ahead.


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Leadership Reflections Over Hot Cocoa: Lessons Inspired by Resilient Female Role Models

A student sitting on a bench in a Norwegian park, engrossed in reading a book about women in leadership.
Kaia Thonul, Friday, April 19, 2024, 07:34

As the crisp Norwegian morning announces itself with a mere 3 degrees Celsius, I sit snugly in the warm comfort of my train, sipping on hot cocoa, unraveling my thoughts on a succulent topic - Learnings from Female Leadership Role Models. My fingers dance on the keyboard amidst the rhythmic symphony of the train tracks and the scenic winter sights fleeting past me. I allow myself to bask in a state of bliss as I embark on this personal journey of intellectual exploration and reflection.

Over time, my unwavering admiration for resilient female leaders has significantly shaped my perspective on leadership. Their tales of tenacity and strength inspire me to approach challenges with persistence and a can-do spirit, transforming each obstacle into a stepping stone for growth. I process and make sense of this complex world through the lens of their wisdom, much like the warmth radiating throughout this train brings clarity to the frost-kissed windows.

Today's leaders are not about command and control, but about connectivity and collaboration - giving each person a voice, and allowing that voice to shape their direction. Numerous female leaders embody this approach, turning traditional leadership archetypes upside down, fostering environments of open dialogue and shared inspiration.

Another invaluable lesson I've gleaned is the understanding and pursuit of balance - realizing that strength doesn't necessarily imply hardness, and kindness doesn't equate to weakness. Many a time, the female leaders attune to this delicate balance successfully, their tough yet empathetic demeanor resonating vibrantly in the unpredicted harmony of these contrasting traits.

In the light of recent, unsettling news of explosions in a far-off land, I am reminded of another key attribute of successful female role models. Their ability to respond rather than react has often been a beacon in times of crisis. They exemplify fortitude in the face of adversity, showing us that proactive solutions stem from calm deliberation, not frantic panic.

Finally, this blissful morning unravelled an essential leadership lesson of authenticity. Authenticity, a consistent thread woven within the success stories of many female role models, highlights the importance of staying true to your ideals and values, irrespective of the circumstances.

The train slows, resting a while before it continues on its journey, much like my reflection. As I step off, the icy bite of Oslo's air breaches my bubble of warmth, a stark contrast to the comforting heat of the train, and yet, it invigorates me, much like the teachings from my admired female leaders, reminding me that sometimes we grow not despite adversity, but because of it.

As the university buildings loom ahead, I find myself filled with gratitude for these leaders who, unbeknownst to them, have been my invisible mentors, moulding and shaping my thoughts, motivations, and ideologies for the better. And as I head off to another day in the pulsating world of journalism, their lessons accompany me, a gentle guide on this exciting journey.


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Winter's Whispers: A Tale of Chronic Illness and Undaunted Resilience

Snow-covered, bleak Norwegian landscape under gray skies, symbolizing chronic pain and resilience.
Kaia Thonul, Wednesday, April 17, 2024, 09:47

As I press my forehead lightly against the frost-kissed glass of the train, feeling the sting of subzero temperatures through the veneer of insulation, my spirit can't help but mirror the stark landscapes rushing by, desolate and stripped of warmth. In the dawning light, even the beauty of the Norwegian countryside seems shadowed, its once vivid hues dimmed to the pallor of a grim winter morning.

My trains of thought deceptively align with those of the locomotive, chugging relentlessly despite the harsh climes, so consumed in the monotony of it all that every halt feels more like an intrusion than a brief respite. Isn't that the quintessence of living with a chronic illness, the unwelcome interruptions it brings?

Sometimes it feels as if every breath taken, every word spoken, each keystroke pressed tingles with an undercurrent of pain, dulled only by the routine monotony—a ceaseless cycle of pricking needles and swallowing pills. A mechanized life lived on ventilator rhythm, the pulsating hum of machines often replacing the throbbing of life.

And yet, life persists.

My eyes flit open to the glowing screen in front of me, one of the numerous news articles strewn across a dozen tabs, this one striking a chord of vague irritation. A hush-money case, jury members selected, trial date set—a stark reminder of the farcical transparency and the ongoing charade of justice. Life may be a ceaseless struggle against my chronic illness, but such news triggers a piercing pang that no medicine can remedy. The resounding echoes of power abuse sound all too familiar, threatening to drown my spirits in a relentless tide of pessimism.

At times like these, I find solace in my unassuming blog, a sanctuary within the pandemonium I invariably find myself. It's not merely escapism, for the words I laboriously etch in this space bear the scars of my existence - the searing pain, the gloomy despair and the frail resilience that underlies it all.

For those unseen, suffering silently beside me, please remember, your spirit may falter, but it will never be defeated. In contrast, it is in the embrace of the crestfallen, that we discover the tenacity of our resilience.

Living with a chronic illness is a silent war, waged daily within the confines of our frail bodies. It may seem to stem out of nowhere, much like the cold winter transplanting lush, vibrant greens with barren white expanses. But just like these landscapes, with stubborn resilience etched into their very core, we continue to inhabit our realities, undeterred by the hailstorm of apprehensions. It's a silent pledge to life, a promise echoing louder within our hearts with every single breath we take, every single word we manage to pen.

So, here I am, scribbling down these lines, trying to make sense of a world overpowered by a heavy shroud of cynicism and continuing to find ways to live, persist, and perhaps someday, even thrive.

Tags: chronic illness personal experiences resilience

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Crafting Peace: DIY Decor Ideas with a Heartwarming Twist

Cozy nook with DIY touches: soft throw, handmade pillows, rustic shelves filled with cherished keepsakes.
Kaia Thonul, Wednesday, April 17, 2024, 08:15

Brisk wind lashes against the train window while I cocoon myself further in my scarf. I spy the towering frost-laden trees, an army standing stalwart against the biting cold of -0°C. The world outside seems frozen, wrapped in a blanket of silence and ice. Yet, even as my fingers hover frozenly over the slightly warmed keys of my laptop, my heart is filled with an excitement that won't perish. For today, I've got a delightfully thrilling topic to share with all of you. DIY home decor ideas. Something about the very thought of crafting your dwelling into a piece of art, etched with the strokes of your creativity tickles me pink.

How invigorating is the notion of re-imagining your space, allowing your thoughts to crystallize into tangible creations of beauty? The simple act of molding clay into a unique pottery piece for your coffee table, or those faded jeans in your closet transformed into a splendid collage on your living room wall - each project brimming with bits and pieces of your personality! Our homes, after all, are tangible narratives of our lives, whispering the tale of who we are and what we cherish.

As I share these thoughts, I am inadvertently drawn to the current news article that I just read. While the conflict in the Middle East fills my mind with a cloud of trepidation, it also makes me realise the essentiality of peace in our lives. Our home is not just a physical entity, it is an embodiment of peace and sanctuary.

Could we, in our little ways, in revamping and beautifying our homes, also foster an atmosphere of peace and warmth within? A heart full of love reflects in the space it dwells in. As we infuse colours, textures, and our personal style to our abode, we also imbue it with the essence of our tranquility, shared compassion and collective love for humanity, subtly or otherwise.

DIY decor gives far more than an aesthetic appeal. It gives us a common ground to collaborate and communicate, fostering a sense of unity, an aspect that seems notably elusive in the world beyond our windows. Be it a handwoven rug stitched together as a family project or an individual tussle with repurposing an old ladder into a bookshelf, the sense of commonality inherent in these projects is symbolically profound.

As I tap away enthusiastically on my laptop, the Eurostar whooshing through the spellbound Norwegian vista, I am filled with an inexplicable thrill. The thrill of possibilities,a new DIY project, a brighter, warmer, more suitably 'me' home, and above all - a world where we find peace, both within and around us.

Every DIY project you embark on, remember, is a precursor for a world more synced with peace and harmony. As we thread love and positivity into our home decor, we also adorn the fabric of our lives with them. The world seemingly might be on the brink of disaster, but we, the humble dwellers, can inject it with much needed warmth, love and peace. So let's do this. Let's craft. Let's create. Let's harmonize, right from the comfort of our personal abodes.

A readjustment of my scarf and another fervent look at the enchanting frosted landscape outside, and the spark of excitement rekindles. With that thrilling thought, let's bring on the winter, the challenges and let's imbue our homes, our lives, with our unique, colourful, peaceful DIY aspirations.

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