Meditation on the Move: How Mindfulness Fuels My Journalistic Journey

A woman meditating on a train, eyes closed, with icy landscapes visible through the window.
Kaia Thonul, Friday, November 24, 2023, 09:45

As I watch the chilled landscape whiz past my window this morning, ice crystals glistening like diamonds on the bare branches outside, I am tucked up comfortably in train carriage, comfortably nestled in my thoughts. The world outside is a sharp, glittering 1°C but within me is a kindling warmth - the result of my daily ritual of morning meditation and mindfulness practices.

Meditation and mindfulness, terms often used interchangeably, are essentially practices of focusing one's mind, usually with the aim of achieving a mentally and physically calm state. Meditation, I find, has become as integral to my daily routine as my requisite morning coffee, and to omit it would be the equivalent of walking out into the freezing Nordic winter without a coat. An unadvisable idea, you might agree.

After the early morning news digest, often featuring articles like the one I read today about Israeli Defense Force's videos and the contentious debates it's stirred, I like to sink into my meditation. It provides a crucial bridge between the clamour of the outer world and the tranquility of my inner world.

Mindfulness, like monitoring the rhythm of each breath, often forms the core of my meditation. It helps me navigate both my thoughts and the frequently hectic world around me, offering a silent, peaceful respite. To the outside observer, meditation may seem to be a passive process, a non-action. But within, it is a dynamo of quiet, reflective activity that can both soothe and stimulate the mind.

Being a journalist-in-training, my journey into the realms of mindfulness and meditation was initially inspired by curiosity, a desire to understand. And as I sank deeper into the practice, I discovered an introspection I hadn't previously granted myself. This empowering self-awareness, born out of mindfulness, I believe, is key to my approach in journalism - offering balance, sensitivity and a genuine desire to understand different perspectives.

Mirroring the relentless rhythm of this commuting train, news and world events rarely pause, demanding our continual and intense scrutiny. Yet, withdrawing into the meditative sanctuary of my mind provides me a chance to surface for air, recharge, and return with renewed vigor to the ceaseless flow of information. It offers perspective, which is integral when dealing with polarizing topics, such as the recent escalation of tensions between Israel and Palestine.

The culmination of every meditation session leaves me feeling content, mentally refreshed and ready to dive back into the swirling currents of the world, the news, and the endless intricacies of analysing them. As the Oslo skyline comes into view, promising another day of relentless information consumption and analysis, I am ready, poised and serene.

In our fast-paced world, I find that the practice of meditation, an art of concentrated silence and attention provides a much-needed respite, a soothing balm to our frayed nerves. And as the train slows down to a halt, signaling the end of my daily commute and my meditation session, I am warmed, not just by the heating in the train carriage, but also by the tranquility that meditation and mindfulness have lent me. What awaits is a day at university, filled with knowledge, introspection, and, above, understanding.

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Staying Positive Amidst Chaos: A Journey through the Overcast Hues of Oslo and Life's Challenges

A gloomy Oslo skyline, woman reading newspaper, visibly pensive, with a resilient sapling in foreground.
Kaia Thonul, Friday, June 21, 2024, 08:06

As the train hums beneath me, gliding relentlessly toward the heart of Oslo, my fingers pause above the keys of my laptop. Outside, the world is smeared with watery gray hues, a fitting reflection of the 13°C temperature. The relentless drizzle against the train window mimics my current state of mind – morose, melancholy. As always, the day starts with a review of global happenings, this time throwing light on the perilous circumstances brewing several thousands of miles away.

Reading an article about Russia and South Korea in a Norwegian newspaper prompts a heavy sigh. It puts into perspective how quickly situations escalate and conflicts begin, rendering our lives into a tumble of complexities. Yet there they are, the tricky situations that beg a thousand questions penetrating the fog of melancholy that seems to descend with the morning mist.

However, every circumstance, irrespective of its intensity, awards an opportunity to rise above. It's an arduous task to maintain positivity when the world you see outside your window, both literal and figurative, lacks color. But isn't it exactly during these very shades of gray that the most vivid colors of human spirit shine?

Staying positive in grim situations is less about erecting a façade of constant happiness, and more about holding a steadfast belief in the power of resilience and evolution. It's reorientating your understanding from seeing darkness as destructive to acknowledging it as a canvas for creation. This isn't about dismissing grief or pain. They're raw and real, rendering the world into an impressionistic painting of sorrow. But, allowing this painful reality to coexist with the prospects of hope, that's the challenge.

Remembering to breathe is essential. The world will continue its unwavering pace, and we can choose to be swept in its torrent or anchor ourselves momentarily, breathe deep, and take it one step at a time. Breaking down the problem, understanding its components, it empowers us. It doesn't make the problem less potent, but it does make us stronger, the situation less overwhelming.

Next, seek aid in empathy. Isolation is a byproduct of crisis. Reach out. Share stories. Welcome shared experiences. Even if people can't mend your situation, just knowing that someone understands, that someone cares, can go a long way in restoring positivity and strength.

Lastly, remember your resilience. Difficult times are stark reminders of past hurdles that have been cleared and battles that have been won. Harnessing memories of prior resilience can act as a salve during present hardship.

Life, with all its twists and turns, is a mirror reflecting back at us our capacity to evolve, adapt, and persevere. And as I close my laptop, the frigid winds outside carrying the faint taste of sea salt and spruce, I'm reminded that even amidst the most brooding landscapes, positivity can, and does, survive. The faucet of bad news might continue running, wars might continue to rage on, but we, as individuals, can still find ways to stay positive amidst the chaos. Because without hope, what is there to fight for? Now, as the Oslo skyline springs into view, it's back to the university. Back to the place where I can at least try to make a difference, in my own little way.

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Chasing Dreams and Dodging Bullets: An Aspiring Journalist's Journey through Internship Interviews

A young woman reading a newspaper, with the sunrise over Oslo in the background.
Kaia Thonul, Thursday, June 20, 2024, 07:28

The exuberant marble that is the world, sat on an azure velvet cushion, breathes in the sweet morning air, infused with a tantalizing scent from the unfolding Norwegian maple. It is as if Mother Nature herself is preparing a joyful stage for the day's magnificent play. I am on my usual morning commute, watching the landscape turn into a delicate 14-degree brush painting, the train cutting a swathe through sprawling pastures and gorgeous icy fjords, all while I have my fingers dancing on the laptop, as I post another piece on my blog.

Today, we delve into the thrilling adventure of interviews for internships, the exhilarating rollercoaster ride every journalism student, including myself, must embark on. A sip of my morning brew, the taste of bitterness perfectly balancing the sweetness of my thoughts, and the writing begins.

The interview process can often feel like a playwright's act, staging your best performance while staying true to your character. The meticulous preparation, pouring over every possible question, scripting the perfect answer, it all feels exquisitely similar to preparing for an exam you must ace. Yet, it also carries a unique dazzle, a lively joust where you pitch your passion, ambition, and ability.

As journalists, we master storytelling, weaving a tapestry of experiences, insights, and opinions into compelling narratives. This is an art worth wielding in the interview, narrating the story of our budding journalistic journey with fervor and fervency. The adept interplay of listening and speaking testifies to a journalist's quality, a dance of words and pauses, and it is in this dance that we shine our marvelous prowess.

The backdrop of this introspection was briefly disturbed when I glanced at today's news headlines. Despite the mild chill, a shudder ran down my spine. Shots were fired on the otherwise calm city streets, right at the Salvation Army's premises. Fortuitously, no one was harmed. Our peace-loving city was momentarily shaken, yet in such shattering fractions, the marvel of resilience becomes evident. The sharp contrast between the unsettling news and the calm journey only heightened the feelings of gratitude for the tranquility we often take for granted.

It's truly striking, my dear readers, how even in the face of uncertainty, the fabulous dance of life continues unabated. I sit here marveling at the great adventure that awaits me and thousands of aspiring journalists. And perhaps it is through those internship interviews that we refine the remarkable lens through which we perceive our world, discovering the wondrous narrative that is life.

The train whistles past stations, the vibrancy of Oslo inching closer, and blooming warmth fills the cabin, my heart, and each word that leaps from my fingertips onto this blog post. Marvelous, indeed. Till our next adventure, dear friends, keep chasing your dreams.


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From Norwegian Fjords to Greek Islands: My Culinary Adventures Amidst Climate Extremes

A serene Norwegian landscape with an open cookbook revealing a colorful dish, resting on a wooden table.
Kaia Thonul, Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 07:09

Good morning everyone!

As I'm gliding along in this comforting cocoon of a train, meandering through the picturesque Norwegian scenery, I am feeling a delightful sense of cheer. The sunlight dances on the placid fjords, casting a shimmering glow that's a embodiments of tranquility. My nose tingles in the cool 12-degree air, while contrasting news from Greece deeply occupy my thoughts.

Reading about the scorching, 45-degree heatwave sweeping across the Greek Islands, I can almost feel the oppressive heat fogging up my glasses. Thoughts and prayers reach out to those affected, and gratitude folds around me like a warm blanket, for the more forgiving climate of my own homeland. Situations like these do remind us to stay informed, to respect the powerful forces of nature, and to value the safety that information brings.

Despite the sobering news, I'm looking forward to learning to cook! The very concept has always filled me with intrigue and a sense of adventure. Centering around the heart of the home – the kitchen, there is something incredibly therapeutic and grounding about creating nourishing meals.

Lately, I've been fascinated by the world of colourful spices, vibrant veggies and mysterious techniques. Yes, I've been elbow-deep in stunning cookbooks and delightful YouTube tutorials, eagerly learning the magic behind transforming basic raw ingredients into delicious masterpieces.

I can't help but daydream about the appetizing aroma of freshly ground spices wafting around my kitchen, and the comforting warmth of a stew slowly simmering on the stove. Oh, the joy of kneading dough, and the subtle yet intricate skill required to perfectly sear a piece of steak! Every aspect offers a unique assembling puzzle, an art form in itself.

Cooking is more than mere survival; it's a love language, an art, an absolute delight. The satisfaction that comes from preparing a meal, whether for oneself or loved ones, is unparalleled. It's a shared experience that brings people together and creates lifelong memories.

Through my journey of learning to cook, I'm excited about the skills I'll acquire. Not only practical kitchen skills but also the ability to plan and multitask, discipline, patience, and perhaps most importantly, creativity. And isn't that something? The simple act of cooking a meal providing an unforeseen pathway to self-discovery.

So, here I am, on my familiar train ride to Oslo, joyously contemplating my new culinary adventures. Let’s see where this journey takes me. Tune in for updates on my progress – I promise, burnt toast stories and triumphs alike!

Embrace every experience, dear readers, even those that challenge you, because at the end of the day, it's all about growing, learning, and embracing the delightful surprises life has to offer. Stay warm, stay cool, stay safe, wherever you are in this beautiful world! And remember, the best meals are those prepared with joy.

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Powerbanks and Pop Culture: Unraveling the Parallels in a Journey Towards Oslo

A shadowed powerbank on a map of Oslo with library, community center, and volunteer icons nearby.
Kaia Thonul, Tuesday, June 11, 2024, 09:46

As I journey towards Oslo on a typical fall morning, the landscape a mixture of beautiful autumn hues underlined by the mild chill of an 11°C weather, a certain melancholy sits with me - uninvited, but not completely unwelcome. My heart weighs as if filled with molten lead, the weight centering around the recent news that has come to light about Lørenskog’s drastic budget cuts. There’s a sense of despair, a hollow echo that reverberates across the corridors of our pockets of culture - libraries, community centers, and beleaguered voluntary services that are to bear the brunt of this fiscal decision.

Despite this, I seek solace in a familiar and constant friend, my unwavering companion that brings a glimmer of hope to this ultimately crestfallen mood, my ever-so reliable powerbank. Amid the uncertainty that blankets, the reliability and consistency of a good powerbank can be somewhat comforting. As trivial as it seems, the ability to never run out of power, to give life to a device endlessly, is a metaphor that reassures me.

As I contemplate, I cannot help but think about the influence of pop culture, looking for patterns that might explain how we arrived at this point. Its influence is undeniable, shaping our ideas, our societies, our individual identities. It's the zeitgeist, a fabric, a mirror and a map.

Pop culture holds more power than many give it credit for. It permeates every sphere of our lives, shaping societal norms and standards, and influencing decisions and viewpoints. Take, for instance, how it props up the concept of 'Consumerism'. This dominant ideology glorified in TV shows, movies, music, and more, has over time led to a climate where the worth of public goods is often undermined or forgotten.

But if pop culture can instigate this unthinking consumerism, this undervaluing of our communal and cultural spaces, it surely has the power to effect change as well. Lean on positive portrayals, highlight the importance of accessibility to culture, emphasize the worth of community spaces. Pop culture has the means to take on a different role, as an educator, a harbinger of positivity and progress.

In this continuously globalizing world, a battering by pop culture is inevitable. Undoubtedly, this exposure holds several upsides, but the simultaneous dilution of local cultures and community bonds stands as a considerable downside. Yet, I believe that the trick lies in harnessing this influence, in twisting the narrative from senseless consumerism to conscious consumption, and from laissez-faire individualism to meaningful community-building.

As the scenery outside transitions from country to city, these thoughts buoy my spirits up a bit. Viewing pop culture as a force of change rather than a villain is an empowering perspective. Shaping the narrative, directing the influence, there is potential for a brighter tomorrow.

The proposed budget cuts in Lørenskog bring home the harsh reality of cutbacks, of watching precious communal resources dwindle, slowly erasing the flavor of the local culture. Yet, there’s a glimmer of hope, a belief that if we can harness the influence of pop culture for community-building and cultural preservation, the pages in the cultural storybook would continue their endless journey, powered by the strength that permeates every community and, indeed, every powerbank.

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Shaping Narratives: Navigating the World through Media, Reviews and Critiques

Man engrossed in a book, headphones on, with a film playing on a laptop; a newspaper near.
Kaia Thonul, Friday, June 7, 2024, 07:03

As the train rattles towards Oslo, I'm getting warmth from the humming heater, which is generously defying the 6°C outdoor temperature. My mind reflects, however, a desolate landscape, mirroring the outside world, only gloomier. I flip the pages of last night's borrowed book; a source of escape weakened by reality. Books, movies, music- utterly besotted I am by the realms they create, a soothing shelter from the hard-hitting narratives of our era.

Yesterday, I reclined back and watched a film. A dark, thought-provoking creation that left me pondering well into the night. The cinematography developed a profound unease, reflecting the grim reality of our world with unflinching honesty. Yet, it also presented countless perspectives where people's actions, often pernicious but sometimes positive, were led by circumstances and their understanding of them.

Allow me to also confess my passion for songs that carry melancholic melodies, almost as if spreading a blanket for my desolate thoughts. Last night, I listened to a track with haunting lyrics and a low, resonating bass line. As the tune flowed, it whispered tales of loss, of unfulfilled dreams, striking a chord with today's gloomy world. The beauty, however, lay in its ability to impart solace, a testament to art's ability to heal, to connect, to console.

But the desolation isn't only in my alcove of media retreat. It spills over, intrudes into the black and white pieces of daily journals, and in distorted narratives that play out on screens. I recently read a news article, a critique of the portrayal of the Israel-Palestine conflict in Norwegian media. I found it spinning an intriguing yarn about narratives being manipulated to incriminate.

The premise? That a condemning narrative - accusing one party of genocide - might be the result of skillful misdirection. The author laid bare the possibility of civil shields being utilized to gain global empathy. The article was undoubtedly controversial, sharp, yet it urged to dig deeper, to be critical, to not blindly consume but analyze and question.

This is the essence of reviews and critiques - to question, dissect, to understand wants from needs, truths from falsehoods. It’s about balancing personal experience and the bigger picture, objective facts, and subjective emotions. And it’s these reviews and critiques in books, in films, in music, that offer a contrasting lens to view the narrative that surrounds us.

Isn't it, then, incumbent upon us as consumers of media, not to swallow the presented stories without scrutiny but to question, to challenge, to understand from different perspectives? This way, we become not merely passive receivers but active participants in shaping narratives, in striving towards a world that echoes less of desolation and more of shared comprehension and empathy.

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From Oslo to Everywhere: The Delicate Dance between Personal Relationships and Career

A sunlit Oslo skyline with a glowing power bank in the foreground.
Kaia Thonul, Thursday, June 6, 2024, 09:34

Brilliant, sunny rays break the chill of a 9°C morning, their golden beams streaming into the windows of my commute train, casting a warmth and glow that breathes life into the day. As I journey into Oslo, a city rich with history as it brims with modernity, my mind frolics with thoughts, informed by an array of recent experiences, from personal interactions to academic pursuits, and not to forget, a dash of everyday Norwegian news.

Today, my reflections meander around an idea central to most of our lives, an idea that demands our attention, tests our ability to juggle roles and squeeze out strength from the deepest crannies of our existence - balancing personal relationships and career.

Relationships, more often than not, form the pulse of our lives. They are the whispering lullabies in our celebrations and the comforting arms in our despair. From laughing over the silliest jokes to engaging in profound conversations about life and beyond, relationships build us, mould us, gently steering us on the labyrinthine course of life.

Conversely, our careers define part of our identity too. It fuels our ambition, gives us purpose, crafts our individuality, and in my case, as a passionate journalism student, encourages me to introspect, analyze and question.

Alas! Striking a balance between these two realms that coexist and often collide in our lives isn't a cakewalk. Still, in the delightful joys and enriching challenges that come along this juggling act lies a rewarding pleasure.

Today, whilst navigating from home to university, I found myself engrossed in an article from ABC Nyheter. It discussed a researcher's concern about the Union's dwindling trust in the National Wages Board, owing to their belief that the board's wage settlement decision doesn't do justice to its members. It brilliantly highlighted how nurturing trust in such systems, although arduous, becomes crucial for everyone, including commoners like you and me.

I draw parallels to maintaining harmony in our personal and professional lives. The essence here is mutual respect and understanding. As in any successful relationship, empathy is key to managing the expectations of both these aspects of life, all the while not losing oneself in the process.

Being mindful of work timings, proactive communication, sharing responsibilities, spending quality time, and appreciating every small gesture fuels the bridge of balance between personal relationships and careers. It is an ongoing process, a melody we learn and relearn, yet the harmony it creates is absolutely priceless.

As my energy ebbs, my electronic companion, a lifesaver indeed, my power bank, amps up the charge, effusing energy into my device. What a delight! It's not just a device, it's essentially an empowerer. It fuels my ambitions, aids my passion, helps me continue my explorations, my research, and the weaving of stories, blurring worries of battery depletion.

Indeed, the joy of uninterrupted work, so crucial in today's fast-paced life, is significantly enhanced by these handy power banks that snugly fit in our pockets. As they store energy, they instill the exhilaration of a charged life, an unfettered spirit, brimming with positivity.

And so, the train chugs along, I write, my power bank charges, and balance - although tricky and often elusive - seems a little more achievable despite the uncertainties of life. This bright, brisk morning, brimming with its 9°C chill and packed with enriching thoughts, brings me an inch closer to deciphering this beautiful equation of personal relationships and career.

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Balancing Act: The Journey Towards Harmony in Personal and Professional Life - Insights from an Oslo Commute

A woman lost in thought, headphones on, gazing out the window of a city bus at the morning sun.
Kaia Thonul, Tuesday, June 4, 2024, 08:43

Good morning, dear readers!

Today, as the landscape bathes in hues of gold, the thermostat stoically registering a cool 12°C, I embark on yet another voyage from home to the heart of Oslo. Staring out of the window at the landscapes blurring past, I can't help but appreciate nature's astounding gift – the radiant early morning sunshine! The soft music playing in my earbuds, coupled with the rhythmic sway of the train, seems to inspire a sense of balance. The balance we all strive to maintain: between personal relationships and our professional aspirations.

In our journey of life, playing the twin games of professional sprint and relation marathon can get demanding. Often, we find ourselves in the middle of this 'catch 22' situation – teetering between wanting to be the best partner, friend, child, or being the ambitious professional, striving to leave an indelible mark on the world.

Understanding the importance of both facets of life is an art. There’s this precarious kinetic energy of balancing –- in both realms, we are in constant motion, continuously evolving, and perpetually learning. The key, I believe, is respecting both these entities and their respective spaces.

Our professional growth should never be at the expense of personal relationships, nor should our personal life compromises our career dreams. They are like two parallel tracks on which the train of life chugs. Both are essential for it to move forward smoothly.

But what about when the balance gets disrupted? Like the current situation between the Norwegian trade union, Unio, and its members. The escalation of a long-standing strike over wages, pushing public schools and kindergartens in Oslo towards crisis is a classic example. There’s a move towards balance here too: striking a fair wage deal is as important as maintaining the function of public institutions and services.

This reminds us that the act of balancing isn’t a one-time achievement, but a continuous exercise. The minute we lose focus due to moving too fast in one direction or becoming complacent, the balance is lost. It's a constant dance of readjustments.

For me, the train journey every day is more than a commute from point A to B. It’s my time to introspect, to maintain the balance in my life, to write this blog post amidst the hustle and bustle of this mobile universe, and to remind myself about my dual role as a journalism student and a friend, a daughter, and a partner.

Remember, folks, the scales of life should always be in harmony. Whether it’s the wage disputes with your union or the time spent with loved ones versus time devoted to career progression. There may be bumps, unexpected turns, but keeping focus and motivation, like my train journey that never fails to reach the destination despite all the stops, can help maintain that delicate, radiant balance in life.

Until tomorrow, Love, and peace... always...

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From Oslo Mornings to Powerbanks: Embracing Long-Term Goals Amidst Life's Contradictions

A woman gazing at a snow-covered field holding a power bank while holding a news article in Oslo.
Kaia Thonul, Monday, May 20, 2024, 09:48

Against the frigid 13°C backdrop of an Oslo morn, I find myself by the window of a train, gazing at the landscapes blurring past. A dreary prettiness that's accentuated by the complexities of life's wistful, heartrending symphony. The melancholic lilt playing on a loop in my head reminds me of the managing long-term goals, an idea which I can't seem to shake off.

Planning, discipline, tenacity - all noble acts of a tenacious spirit, stepping stones towards the bliss of achievement. Yet, as I sit here, the artificial gloom of the cabin around me, I perceive it as a tightrope walk, not fodder for 'how I made it large' stories. It's a journey compounded by heartbreaks, setback, and unseemly compromises.

Still, the key to manoeuvring this labyrinth lies in our approach. Goals could be like distant horizons on a helve of foggy uncertainties, or they may be milestones, dotting our life's journey, pushing us gently yet firmly towards fulfilment. Those somber musings on a mechanical beast racing towards the city bring me comfort, the acceptance of my place in the grand scheme.

Goals - long-term ones should be like the powerbanks we carry. Incredibly beneficial, they relieve the troubles of low battery life, providing potential sustenance to our devices. But beyond that, they are reminders of preparation. Their silent support is incredible, sheer power bundled in this amoebic piece of metal. So are our long-term goals, silently powering us, even when the world disconnects.

Yet, today, depression lingers. Each beat of my heart echoes heavy, like the solitary droplets of a persistent drizzle against my window. There’s an exhausting bleakness, a curtain drawn over life’s vibrancies and replaced with blue-gray hues. But every journey has a destination and this emotional trip has its own cure. I simply need to chart its course.

This morning, I happened to chanced upon a Norwegian news article about a helicopter accident involving the Iranian President. The details are peppered with conflicting accounts, a jumbled puzzle missing pieces, not unlike the lexicon of depression - confusing, intricate, and mind-bogglingly contradictory. Yet what's surprising is that we still try to piece together the story. Find the missing piece, make sense of the senseless, walk on the path strewn with uncertainties. Such is life, such are our long-term goals.

As I pen down my thoughts on this train ride to Oslo, I'm reminded that life isn't a collection of smooth transitions. There are roadblocks, detours and obstacles. You might lose yourself in that dense fog of hopelessness. Fear not, for powerbanks exist, and so do maps to guide you back on track.

Let your long-term goals be your personal powerbanks, comforting, empowering, and guiding you toward that faint glimmer at the end of a seemingly never-ending tunnel. For the essence of living isn’t in basking in the frigid clarity of an achieved moment, but in the tussle, the strive, and the restless pursuit of a distant dawn.

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Morning Musings: An Introspective Journey Into Feminism and Empowerment

A brisk Oslo morning, the cityscape in transition, with a woman gazing off, deep in thought.
Kaia Thonul, Tuesday, May 14, 2024, 08:45

What a morning it is! As souls wrapped in thick sweaters knock back their first rush of caffeine for the day, I'm cozied up on the train, the temperature displaying a crisp 9°C on the digital signboard. Life bursts with anticipation, radiating an energy that is infectious and propelling me into a frenzy of thoughts. Fingers darting across the keyboard, they echo the rhythm of the train's gentle sway, churning out today's discourse - the bold and beautiful concept of feminism and empowerment.

The world swirls outside, offering a transient perspective on an exhilarating theme, and I am stoked! The morning news, like this shared train journey, wove tales both pleasant and not so. It shone a light on accelerations in rent prices, indicative of the constant change and evolution we experience in everyday life. Oslo, my city isn't untouched; it’s evolving, pulsating and accompanying its citizens' journey, much like my own quest of knighthood within the realms of journalism.

But this morning, as the countryside whizzes by, I am not engrossed in the brouhaha of rising rents or regional disparities. Rather, my heart beats in sync with the very essence of feminism and empowerment. Ah, feminism! Unboxing such a complex term is akin to unfurling an intricately folded piece of origami, revealing myriad stories and perspectives encompassed within.

Feminism and empowerment, these terms are not just phrases but are emotions, rooted deep within each of us, transcending the stereotypes we've been conditioned to perceive. Feminism is a consoling whisper into the ear of someone brushed aside because they identified as a woman, a footstep echoing in the hallways leading us to empowerment.

Isn't empowerment a tantalizing concept? To me, empowerment swirls around like a golden thread, knitting us together in a glorious tapestry of resilience and strength. It's not about high heels or red lipstick, but about the fire within to break barriers and challenge the status quo. It's not gender-specific; it is humanity-specific, transcending societal norms and stereotypes, lifting us into a more egalitarian world.

As I rattle along on this early morning journey, my eyes flicker from the soothing Norwegian countryside to the rising Oslo skyline. I draw parallels between the ever-evolving landscape and the changing perspectives within society. Like our understanding of feminism and empowerment, we too are evolving, not confined to static structures but embracing the fluidity of change.

One might say that the rising rent prices, the changing landscapes, the very journey from the outskirts of Oslo to the heart of the University isn't just a physical commute. It's a metaphor for the progression of thoughts, perspectives, uncovering new dimensions of feminism and empowerment each day.

Even as our train clacks along the tracks, we too are journeying on, with the bright eyes of hope, the laughter lines of experience, trudging onwards to a world more enlightened, more empowered. As I wrap up, the city skyline draws close, I leave you with a question to ponder - how will you contribute to this evolution of thought? To the construction of a society drenched in the beautiful hues of feminism and empowerment.

As the day unfolds and asphalt replaces the countryside, the train pulls into Oslo. My adrenaline pumps, ready to seize the day with a renewed sense of purpose. I leave you with these thoughts to incubate. Until we meet again, ride the rails of empowerment, stay audacious, and above all, stay kind!

Tags: Feminism empowerment society

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Preserving Bonds Across Borders: The Paradox of Long-Distance Friendships in a Chaotic World

The photo shows a person gazing out a rainy window, a cellphone clutched in hand displaying a half-typed message.
Kaia Thonul, Monday, May 13, 2024, 08:58

In the quiet hum of the morning train, I sit bathed in the feeble warmth of my overused laptop, my fingers dancing tentatively over the keys as they spill my thoughts onto the screen. The lukewarm coffee in the plasticky cup nearby offers little comfort as I glance outside, the world wrapped in a shroud of steely grey, painting a gloomy, 9-degree canvas for me to write on.

My mind, however, is not entirely here, captured in this physical reality of coldness and sobriety. It sits thousands of kilometers away, nestled among the lives of dear friends, strewn across different corners of the world. We sit, separated by miles, oceans, time zones yet kept close by the tenuous strings of shared memories and laughter. As the rhythmic lull of the train merges with my thoughts, I ponder on a relevant subject: How to maintain long-distance friendships.

Such a topic draws to mind the turbulent ongoings in this world, like the thousands of innocent lives displaced amidst an unwarranted meleé in northeastern Ukraine. The gloomy specter of war, seen in the subtle lines of a news article, illustrates how our world is drifting apart in its own way. The chaos of today shapes the context for the friendships we attempt to sustain over these distances.

In the case of long-distance friendships, technology provides the modern lantern that lights our path. Social media, video calls, instant messaging - these magical tools whisk us across continents and into the lives of our distant friends within the space of seconds. Yet, the bitter truth nestled amidst this marvel is how the same technology that brings us closer also emotionlessly amplifies the somber realities of the world; like the fog of turbulence shrouding Ukraine right now.

Heartening it may be to hear the familiar laughter of a friend at the other end of a video call; disheartening it is to read of the suffering and mass strife in the same world where our friendships thrive. It is incredibly jarring, the war within these digital windows, how one may breed the warmth of connection and the other, the chill of despair.

And so, maintaining long-distance friendships becomes less about battling the challenges of time zones and missed calls, but more about navigating this ocean of paradoxical realities that we live in simultaneously.

You see, in this gloom-tinted world where civilians flee from danger and accusations are traded like toys in a sandbox, one has to remember to be grateful for those far-off friendships. Grateful for the resonance of shared human experience in the vast body of drifting faces and names. Grateful for a text received late in the night, for hearty laughter echoing over poor reception, for shared stories of daily lives, mundane and extraordinary.

These friendships, must be cultivated with patience and understanding, always remembering that behind the screen, there is another human adjoining in the chaotic tapestry of human existence. Allow for differences in opinions and perspective and let that be the strength, the glue that binds your friendship together – a mutual respect for each other's life experiences and insights.

Perhaps then, long-distance friendships can be our anchor, a beacon of burning hope in the cold, gloomy reality we inhabit. As we relentlessly grapple against the tides of fragility and impermanence, they serve as poignant reminders of smiling faces, shared moments and echoing laughter in the chambers of our minds, a sanctuary in a world so often marked by chaos, made far too real by the parts of the world we don’t inhabit but can't ignore.

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